Understanding Old People – How to Take Care of Them

Make your home elderly friendly. Yes, there is such. Your homes should be elderly friendly. What do I mean by this? Well, if you have a 2 storey house, make sure that you will allot a room in the first floor. You wouldn’t want your grandparents or parents to have a hard time going to their rooms, would you? And it would be nice if you put some hand railings inside your bathrooms. A lot of accidents occur in bathrooms. Old people don’t have the same balance that young people have. They might slip and worse, might hit their head hard. Handrails are a must.  

Write down their medications. As we grow older, our bodies get weaker. We all know that right? It’s normal if the elderlies have a lot of medications. Life would be easier if you make your own chart. At least even if you are not at home, they won’t have a hard time figuring out which meds are for a specific time. You might also want to get a pill organizer.

Have a conversation with them. Make time for them. I know that work can be pretty demanding. But remember as a child, your parents would make time for you. It’s about time that you do the same for them. You don’t have to go out of your homes. Why don’t you make a cup of coffee and start having conversations with them? Yes, you might hear the same stories. But pretend that it’s a brand new story. Let’s face it, you’d miss their voice once they vanish from this place.

It is essential that you listen to them. From there, you will know their insights and sentiments. They might give you a hint of where they want to spend the last days of their lives. You can even learn from them. Yes, they survived the world without computers and cars. Admit it, you can’t imagine life without those. They are more cunning and they can resolve problems even without the help of Google.  

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Always remember that your parents or grandparents will be with you for only a few years. Don’t make their lives miserable my mistreating them. Don’t have regrets by not taking care of them while you still can. You should never think of elderly people as baggage. They once sacrificed so that you can live. It’s the least you can do for them.

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