Unique Easter Crafts For Children Of All Ages

Easter is a great time to spend at home, making Easter chicks and eating Easter eggs. Children love crafts but chances are they have tried most of them before. Why not treat them this Easter and give them fun, new Easter themed crafts to try during the holiday. Here are some great and inexpensive ideas that all involve recycling and using items from the home-

Light bulb Lambs

A really sweet craft to try is making little lambs complete with woollen hats from old used light bulbs. Here is how-

  • Take an old burnt out light bulb and paint white. Leave to dry.
  • Paint a face onto the bulb (the round bottom is the body and the narrow top the head) using pink paint. Add a smiley mouth and eyes using black paint.
  • Wrap the metal top with white wool to create a woolly hat and secure with glue.
  • Glue two black pom-poms to the bottom for feet.
  • Add a bow or some glitter to give your lamb a little personality.

Cup And Ball Bunny Rabbit

These are lovely and very easy to make. Also if you have a white cup and ball you won’t need to use paint either which makes the job a little less messy. Here is how-

  • Turn the cup upside down and glue a polystyrene ball to the bottom.
  • Using craft foam cut two ears and fold over a small part of the bottom to create a tab. Attach to the ball using double sided sticky tape.
  • From the same foam cut two paws and glue to the front of the cup.
  • Take a pink pom-pom and glue to the back of the cup to make the tail.
  • Glue a pink sequin to the ball to make the nose and add stick on googly eyes.
  • Draw on whiskers and there you have it! A cup and ball bunny!
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Home Made Easter Present

Children may have someone in mind who they would like to give a present to for Easter. It may be a family member or a friend from school. Rather than just buying an egg why not help them make a special present. A homemade Easter tin full or Easter treats is a great way for them to make something they can be really proud to give as a gift. Here’s how to make an Easter tin-

  • Take a used tin, remove any labels and wash. If you don’t want to use a used tin you can easily buy a brand new tin that is perfect for these sort of crafts from online tin companies.
  • Paint a base colour. White is best. If you know the exact theme you are going for this can help. For example if you are painting an Easter meadow scene it might be easier to paint the tin blue and then add on the green for the grass etc.
  • Help your child paint an Easter theme design onto the tin such as chicks and eggs etc.
  • Leave the tin to dry and then line with cotton wool like a nest.
  • Add in whatever treats you want. Great options are mini eggs, small Easter eggs, chocolate rabbits and fluffy chicks.

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