Use A Baby Shower To Improve The Transition Into Parenthood

A lot of people think that baby showers are an old American tradition but in fact the idea was only introduced post World War Two during the baby boom. It’s only recently though that they’ve made their way across the Atlantic to the UK and they are now becoming hugely popular over here too. If you’re planning on throwing a baby shower for a friend that’s expecting then here’s how to get it right:

Use A Baby Shower

1.    It’s a good idea to involve the mother-to-be with your party planning so ask her about themes. Obviously the theme of the party is babies but if the nursery has been decorated with a Peter Rabbit border then you could make this the baby appropriate theme. One of the most popular themes is children’s books; if you have a number of tables for foods and drinks then dedicate each one to a well-known children’s book. Choose smoothies or fruit juices for the hungry caterpillar or arrange a mismatched tea party for an Alice in Wonderland table.

2.    If you do choose a book themed party then books will be an appropriate gift; you don’t necessarily have to limit yourself to books aimed at newborns either, books for all ages will be appropriate as the child develops so a variety of picture books, fairy tales and other children’s literature will all be appreciated as the child grows older.

3.    There’s no need to play the typical, old fashioned games at a baby shower; why not try something new and ask your guests to bring pictures of themselves as babies, write who it is on the back and number each picture. Ask all of the guests to match the picture to the adult and offer a prize to the person who matches the most. A great game that everyone will enjoy is ‘baby food critic’; buy a selection of the strangest flavoured baby foods and see who can get them right.

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4.    Nappy cakes have also become popular over hear and are now the main feature at most baby showers. If you don’t have the time or the skill to make a nappy cake yourselves then there are loads of baby stores that will now make them for you and include whatever you want on them.

5.    The baby shower is a time for mum-to-be to be spoiled so treat her to a relaxing after noon of girly fun with spa treatments, a chick flick and of course some of her favourite chocolate. If you opt for the spa afternoon then go for a light lunch; salad, snacks and smoothies are the perfect accompaniment to an afternoon of pampering.

6.    Finally, culture is one of the most important parts of life so a party that surrounds the culture of the new baby’s entire family is a great idea. It’s not just about looking into the background of mum and dad but grandparents and great grandparents too. You could transform the living room into a London street, French bistro or a Spanish beach – the options are endless.

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