Valentine’s Day Ideas For Her

A lot of people got frustrated everytime their boyfriends don’t give them something in Valentine’s Day. Of course, you can’t help it because it’s a special day for lovers and your special someone don’t even made any kind of efforts to make you feel that special thing. Now you’ll going to think that you’ll take any gestures even a simple flowers and chocolate will do. But the real problem lies within how the boys can make a special day special for you. Most of them don’t really know what to do in that day. Some of them try to be “safe” by just buying the girl flowers. Here’s a guide to help you win that special day and make it more memorable with your girlfriend.

Throw out the traditional way of celebrating Valentine’s Day and start new fun ways of spending your time with your girl.

Know First What They Love

Most of the time to make a unique idea for Valentines, you guys should make sure that you know what you girlfriend loves. It can be TV shows, cartoon character, action hero, and others so that you can have those things incorporate with your surprise. Girls love surprises some of them don’t but then if it’s something like this even you probably have to make something to let them know how special they are in your life.

List Down Why You Like/Love Your Girlfriend

This is actually not a unique idea but it is a good way of making it unique by expressing why you love that person. It is also a really great way to make them stop asking you why you love them. You can make them a list of things you love or like about them. A good tutorial can be seen in Little Gray Fox and Little Foto Fox blog by Tsuki.

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Reminisce Your Memories

What’s the best way of making you reminisce all those times you spent together? How about a picture frame? But of course, not your ordinary picture frame. Try to make something you made, something like Branch Picture Frame DIY by Sincerely Kinsey.

How Big Is Your Love?

Let them know how much you love them by making a Giant Geometric Wall Heart by Oleander and Palm. You can make this amazing huge art in your girlfriend’s living room (try to let the parent’s know what you want to do first) or in her room but make sure that you let her friends distract her first before you post it. That will make the element of surprise.

Prepare Her A Breakfast or Dinner

Prepare her a fancy breakfast or dinner. If you don’t have the money you can just make the food yourself. That way you they will know how much effort you put through to make it special for them. You can always create some sort of creativity in your cooking like Egg Hearts by College Lifestyles.

Egg Hearts

Ingredients and Things You’ll Need:

    • Bread
    • Eggs (You’ll need one egg for each piece of toast.)
    • Butter
    • Pan
    • Spatula

How To Prepare:

    1. First prep the pan with butter in order to cook your egg.
    2. Turn the stove on medium heat and melt the butter.
    3. Carve out a heart shape in the middle of the bread. It should be pretty big, but not reaching the corners of the bread.
    4. Place the piece of bread in the pan.
    5. Crack the egg into the heart-shaped cut out in the piece of bread and cook until it’s firm.
    6. Flip the piece of bread over and cook the other side.

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