Want to Organize a Kids’ Party? Here’s 6 Tips on How

How to Organize a Kids’ Party

Undoubtedly, kids’ parties trump adult parties as far as fun is concerned. One needs not to be too serious in organizing them and while at it, you can afford to let out your inner child and thus contribute to one of the most memorable parties that your child will ever have. If by the end of the party’s activities you find yourself napping right next to the kids having expended all your energy like they have, then it is safe to say that you have played your part in providing them with an unforgettable party. The downside, however, is that much as these parties are meant to be fun, their organization can turn out to be a challenging and stressful endeavor especially for those who do not know where to start. Herein below, we take a look at 6 useful tips on how to organize a birthday party for kids as follows:

Pick out a theme for the party in conjunction with your child- Liaise with your child and get to know what theme they would like for their party. Some may go for licensed characters such as Donald Duck or Scooby-Doo, whilst others may opt for fairy princess or pirate themed parties. Whatever the case, as a parent, you should make sure that it is age appropriate to increase its chances of being a success. Once you have picked a theme with your child, proceed to note down all their ideas on paper together with the necessary decorations that will accompany the party’s theme to ensure that you do not forget any important aspects.

Pick a date and send out invites- You should ensure that your kid’s party is scheduled when they do not have any other events that they would need to attend to e.g. soccer practice, piano lessons etc. In addition, come up with a list of guests that you plan to invite so that you can get to plan the logistics well in advance. These may include how much food to have; number of chairs for guests; number of goody bags that will be needed etc.

Buy the party decorations- Parents are advised to visit their local party store where they are guaranteed to find all that they need under one roof as opposed to visiting various stores for the same purpose. You may even find that it is cheaper as the party store usually has goody bags that may be used to pack newly acquired toys.

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Plan for the party’s activities and games- It goes without saying that kids’ parties must involve fun games and activities which could range from hiring a clown to bouncing castles and craft projects. The important thing is to ensure that you plan more games than you think the kids will have time for as kids generally get bored very easily.

Alternatively, you could set up different games all at once akin to a mini carnival thus giving the kids the option of playing whichever game they wish. If young kids will be attending the party, it is also prudent to ensure that the games are safe and there is nothing that they could end up choking on.

Plan for the food- You should decide well in advance on the kind of food you intend to have at the party whilst ensuring that no one attending has any food allergies. Will you buy the cake or bake it in-house? Will you cook the food or order it from a catering company? Or you would like to order some party supplies? If you live in Australia , check out Party Picks website with some cute minnie mouse or mickey mouse party supplies. Whatever you decide, make sure that the arrangements are made prior to the big day. If the weather permits, you should also consider having a barbecue as kids love grilled hot dogs and hamburgers.

Plan the party drinks and refreshments- Consider having drinks such as juice, canned soft drinks, punch etc. In addition, having a cooler to store additional bottles of water especially during the hot weather is a great way to stave off dehydration especially amongst the kids who will no doubt be up and about.

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