We All Make Mistakes – Apart From Mary Poppins Of Course

If anybody says they have a perfect life and they haven’t made one single mistake then they are lying and most likely need a violent reality check. Everybody in their lives has made a silly mistake, or an unfortunate mistake that has created an obstacle or a block in their lives.


One of the major aspects of life that people regretting making mistakes in is relationships. Thinking you have found the right partner when it turns out that you’ve picked an absolute abolishment, with laziness and self-centred ego as a bad bonus. Teenagers, especially, seem to make this mistake 1000 times more than they can count; relying on cheesy sad pop songs to lift them up from the eternal rocks beneath and start anew. How on earth will they be able to get over that bad one week relationship!

On the subject of relationships, marriages can be looked upon as a major regret, as they see someone different from whom they met all those glorious years ago. A partner who used to be athletic, keen, lovable and passionate turning into somebody who just lives off their monthly magazine subscription and moans about the weather. It can leave somebody feeling very lonely and disappointed within themselves. Don’t worry though, we’ve all done it. If you haven’t, it will come eventually.

Career Choices

Thinking of a career you want to partake in till retirement is a huge decision and the wrong one can have fatal consequences, the main one being at the expense of boredom. If you complete a degree in English Literature and decide that you want to stack shelves in your local supermarket, it’s a waste of a degree, three years of your life and a huge £50,000 tuition debt over your head, pressing against you at every living moment.

Picking the right career has many positive benefits. Financially, you are happy with what you are earning and if it’s not enough, it sometimes can be swept underneath the carpet because you love what you’re doing in the first place. If you are happy with your career, your partner if you partake in the forte that is marriage will be happy because he/she won’t get the bad day at work’ rant where they listen to the somebody stole my stapler’ story. A correctly chosen career is just a much better way to live your life because if you don’t, your partner might get sick of your complaining and smother you in your sleep.

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Frivolous Spending

This topic can be covered, analysed, experimented on and reported a million times but the fact still remains everybody will have frivolously spent their hard earned pennies. What started off as a simple trip to the supermarket to do the monthly shop ends up with your family pushing the trolleys (accumulating to 3 sometimes) and having to go through the challenge of fitting everything into your cupboards and freezers. This not only has the repercussion of you have no money left, or very little left, but also because you know that there is plenty to live off but for some strange reason it seems to go quicker.

However, this is not just domestically. If you consider yourself lucky then you might have a walk round to your local betting office and put a couple of bets on the horse racing, or the football. Despite numerous failing attempts, you return to that said betting office and resume putting more bets on, and unfortunately, if this horrible routine continues then bets soon into debts.

If you’ve found yourself in debt, don’t let it sit on your shoulder like an annoying tweeting parrot. Flick it off your shoulder and get yourself out the black and into the red without any hassle.

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