Wedding Gifts That Won’t Be Returned

Are you trying to find a fabulous gift for a wedding? Avoid giving a common, practical or bizarre wedding present to the new couple. These types of gifts are the ones most often returned. Give them a gift they will love and remember for many years to come. The following six gift ideas are sure to please the new couple.

Useful and Creative:

Purchase a lovely picnic basket, and place an array of items in it for a lovely dinner. Some items to add to the basket include a bottle of wine, two wine glasses, pasta, sauce and chocolate. The couple will adore the thought you put into the gift and will be able to reuse the picnic basket in the future.

Give A Gift For The Future:

Buy a bottle of excellent wine with a note attached instructing them to open it on their tenth anniversary. This very meaningful gift is one they will remember for a very long time.

Personalized Gifts

Have their wedding invitation professionally framed. This frame will be something they will be able to hang on the wall, and they will cherish it for years. Another personalized gift idea is to purchase a matching pair of monogrammed bathrobes or towels. If you are able to find out the color they have decorated their bathroom in, buying monogrammed towels to match their decor will mean even more to them.

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Gift Of The Month

A membership for a gift of the month club is a lovely gift idea with many possibilities. The vast number of club choices will allow you to choose something the couple enjoys. Monthly clubs offer an array of items; such as, chocolate, wine, coffee, fruit, flowers and more. Every month, when they receive their shipment, they will think of you and remember your thoughtfulness.

Go Digital

Purchase a digital photo frame and fill it with pictures of the two of them. Ask their family and friends for copies of pictures of them together and from different milestones in their lives. This gift will be a lovely reminder of their past and their future together.


The gift of money is a fantastic gift and one they will not return. The newly married couple will undoubtedly find a useful way to spend your gift of cash. The amount to give is one to be determined by you. Cash is a fantastic gift to help pay for the honeymoon or spend on a lovely evening out together. If their wedding was at a destination spot, cash is easier to transport home than traditional gifts.

The preceding list of wedding gift ideas is sure to please any couple. You can be assured your gift will be appreciated and not returned.

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