What If Marijuana Was Legal

Marijuana Use at the Workplace

Regardless of the fact that the use of medical marijuana is legal in California, Colorado and Washington DC amongst other states, it has been a major source of dispute between proprietors and employees. While the law protects people who have been prescribed for medicinal marijuana for medical reasons by licensed doctors from prosecution, it does not safeguard them from employers.

To date, employers still reserve the right to dismiss a worker whose drug test is positive for marijuana. The key reason why employers have been able to do so is because the federal law classifies marijuana as an illegal drug. Then again, it is quite normal for an employer to want to maintain personnel that is sober at the workplace. After all, nobody expects to keep a workforce that is not productive just because they are using medical marijuana to treat a particular condition.

However, the instant marijuana is legalized, employers will be compelled to uphold the Americans with Disabilities Act, which is a law designed to safeguard staff members against discrimination simply because they are using medical marijuana to treat a physical or mental condition. Establishments will be compelled to make sensible adjustments in order to accommodate employees that use medical marijuana.

Effects of Legalizing Marijuana and DUI Laws

The other issue that will need to be addressed the instant marijuana is legalized in the lawful limit of cannabis. Currently, there are states which permit the use of medical marijuana that have enacted legislations that define the legal limit of marijuana. For instance, it is illegal to driver a vehicle in Ohio as well as Nevada if your level of intoxication exceeds two nanogram. This basically translated to 0.08%, an amount that is used to determine the level of intoxication after consuming alcohol.

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In addition to the above, there will be the need to establish if active THC alongside dormant metabolite of THC will be illegal.

The decision to decriminalize marijuana across the country will require a revision of the current laws in order to protect those who use cannabis at the workplace in addition to ensure that traffic rules and regulations accommodate persons who are arrested for driving an automobile while high on marijuana.

What do you think would happen to the laws on Marijuana for if you could use it in the workplace or while driving? How could the police ensure safety while making pot legal?

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