What Should You Consider When Deciding On A Wedding Theme?

The winter is the hibernation period before spring, except when it comes for those who are planning a wedding. As is the case, most weddings occur during the spring and summer months, so the chillier months are often those months where couples plan the big day. While many couples may want to jump right in and pick a venue or wedding cake, before you do that, you may want to consider what your overall theme is. Whatever your theme is will most likely determine the course of your overall wedding planning.

So what should you think about as you plan your wedding theme?

  • Consider your overall personalities: If you’re both traditionalists, a black and white wedding makes absolute sense. A black and white wedding is best for those who aren’t avant-garde and prefer a wedding that resembles what your parents and grandparents had for their wedding. It’s a beautiful, classical look. However, if you prefer a contemporary style, you’ll have to take this into account as you choose everything else with your wedding.
  • Do you have any personal needs when it comes to your wedding? Let’s say you’re a vegan couple. You’ll need a venue that can accommodate your wishes when it comes to the menu. In that same regard, you may want to showcase your veganism as a connecting point that allowed the two of you to fall in love with one another. Veganism is just one of the many things that may influence your wedding theme. If you’re heavily religious, you may want to incorporate this; whatever your personal wishes that reflects your lifestyle may determine your overall wedding theme.
  • Don’t allow your theme to determine your budget: If you have a large budget this might not be a big issue, but at the same time, if you can’t afford having a particular style to your wedding, you shouldn’t go bankrupt to make it happen. It’s imperative that you establish a budget beforehand to have an understanding of what you can afford.
  • Consider your guests: This matters two-fold. If you know your guests won’t be comfortable with a certain theme, it may make sense to compromise. Although it’s your day, if your guests aren’t happy, it could make for an awkward time. At the same time, no matter what, you should give your guests ample time for whatever theme you have. For example, if you have a 50s wedding, make sure your guests have enough time to plan a costume.
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