What To Avoid When Dressing Your Child

When you have your first baby there are many things you think about, and what they’re going to look like is probably one of the main thoughts you’ll have. Parents across the world have visions of their child becoming a ‘mini me’, wearing doll sized versions of their own clothing.

However, anyone who already has children will tell you that this is rarely something you actually manage. Children are little people, and they definitely have minds of their own. Your job as a parent is to guide them in their clothing choices and stop them making wild decisions such as my own ‘princess dress’ phase in ’95.

Although it isn’t as easy as you’d think to dress your child well. If you’ve been struggling to know what’s ‘hot’ and what’s not, here are a few things to avoid when dressing your child.

Pretty in pink

I’ll start with my own childhood fashion faux pas. The common belief is that all little girls like to dress like princesses, but the truth is that ‘princess overload’ past the age of three is a fashion no no. So steer well clear and encourage your girls to explore the amazing variety of colours that are available in the shops.

Eight not 18!

Inappropriate outfits are probably the biggest reason you’ll get disapproving looks from random members of the public. When you’re dressing your child remember how old they are. There’ll be plenty of time for makeup, hair products and slogan boxer shorts when they’re older. If they’ve grown out of cartoon logos or slogans then stick to plain colours, don’t be tempted to allow slogans such as ‘Hot Chick’ or ‘Love Sucks’.

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Don’t blame it on the weatherman

You’re the adult and if the weather report says it’s going to be hot/cold/windy/raining or any other weather combination, then dress your child appropriately. Kids are notorious for not wanting to wear the coat, hat or gloves that will stop them from getting hypothermia but there’s really no excuse for allowing your child to get cold and wet. The same goes for warm weather. Just bundle your child out of the house wearing whatever they want to wear and pack weather appropriate clothing for when they change their mind.

When vintage goes wrong

If you’re interested in fashion then you’ll know that vintage clothing is a big hit right now, but that’s no reason to dress your child in outdated gear. Velvet party dresses and ruffle shirts might have been all the rage when you were a child, but your kids won’t thank you for forcing them into a ‘party frock’. The fact of the matter is that kids like to fit in and wear the same things as their friends. So step away from the embroidery anglaise and try a cool skirt and Converse shoes instead.

No tulle for tiny tots

We all know that babies are cute, you don’t need to stuff them into a tulle party dress to demonstrate this. They’ll get hot, get heat rash, and become the demon baby from hell. Go for cotton clothing, it’s the best fabric for delicate baby skin.

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