What to Do if Your Child Wets the Bed

There is nothing wrong with 4, 5 or a 6-year old child wetting the bed. As a matter of fact, the majority of kids who wet the bed don’t have anything wrong with them medically. This is a common thing for young children. Only about 3% of kids who wet the bed have medical problems. If your child is at that stage where he is wetting the bed.

Here is Some Help for You if Your Child Wets the Bed.

Don’t scold your child

First of all, scolding your child won’t help. He will just feel more frustrated and ashamed of his condition. Give him support and tell him that he can try again the next day until he gains full control of it. It is difficult for a child to control his bladder especially if he is a deep sleeper so you need to be patient.

Do a test

To know if your child is ready, check his diaper every morning. If it comes out dry for several days, let him sleep in his underwear and see if he is ready for it.

Limit his liquids

If your child is a big drinker, limit his juice or water intake at night. Schedule dinner at least 2 hours before bedtime to give your child adequate time to use the potty before going to bed.  You should also encourage him to pee before going to bed. If you sleep late, try to wake up your child to use the bathroom before you sleep. This might help keep him dry for the rest of the night.

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Take away some of the stress

If you think you are stressed, your child may be feeling worse. He may be embarrassed about his situation. Don’t offer sleepovers or let your child sleep in another house while he still wets the bed. This will create more havoc to your child’s emotions. Be supportive. Explain to him that his body is not yet ready to stay dry at night and everyone goes through that. If he really can’t keep himself dry, put him in diapers again and try again in a couple of months or ask him when he feels ready to try again.

Cover the mattress

Protect the bed’s mattress with a waterproof cover such as plastic. This will make your life easier as you only have to change the sheets and the covering.

Finally, don’t worry about it. It’s just a phase and your kid will eventually learn to control his bladder. If there is really cause for concern, visit your pediatrician for the best possible solution.

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