What to Do When Your Tot Refuses Veggies

It’s always a good idea to introduce vegetables in your child’s diet as early as possible when he starts eating solid foods. Toddlers are not adventurous when it comes to eating so it might be hard to give them something new to eat especially if it’s green. Most kids just find green foods weird so be patient. In the meantime, you can go for other colored vegetables that your kids may enjoy. Let’s go through the colors of the rainbow, shall we?


There are so many good red things in the vegetable and fruit world. There’s the apple, strawberries watermelon, tomatoes, etc. You can serve spaghetti with tomato sauce or spread it on your homemade pizza. You can also serve this as a dip. Frozen raspberries are a fun snack. You can also put fresh ones in his cereal. Red fruits and vegetables contain antioxidants that prevent cell damage.


Orange foods are attractive to toddlers. There’s pumpkin and squash, a favorite among kids when made into a soup. Apricots, peaches and nectarines are great bite-sized snacks. Carrots and sweet potatoes are also classic favorites among this age group. Try serving carrots sticks with a dip. Your child will have fun dunking his food. Oranges and tangerines are packed with Vitamin C.

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Mangoes, yellow peaches and bananas are rich in Vitamin A. Kids also love foods in this color so you won’t have any trouble feeding them. If you are introducing a new food, make sure to serve it with his favorites and only serve a small amount at the beginning.


B is for blueberries! You can make a blueberry smoothie for breakfast. This is a nutrient packed drink to boost your child’s immune system. Frozen grapes are also a great choice for dessert.


There’s the eggplant, purple grapes and purple potatoes in this category. Purple potatoes are great when mashed or served as fries.

If you want your child to eat green vegetables, set an example. Eat salads, broccoli and cauliflower. Eat green leafy vegetables in front of him. Try giving your child a spinach dip. He can dip some pieces of bread in a cheesy-spinach dip. Most kids learn to love spinach this way.  You can also get sneaky by chopping up green veggies into very small pieces and mixing them into stir fries and pasta.

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