What Will Certain Flowers Tell About You?

Nature is something that makes this world beautiful as it is. People should always look at both animals and plants with certain admiration since they are the decoration of the planet Earth. Have you ever seen a tiger at the local zoo and thought what a wonderful animal that was? Tigers, lions, pandas, etc. Every animal has certain beauty which we admire and it would be such a shame if any of those species dies out. However, many of them already disappeared from planet earth. As I said before, the plants too can be pretty, and many are used for the purpose of decoration. Just look at the flowers, for example. Flowers have a decorative purpose and many people use them in that matter. The thing most people do not know is that every animal and every flower that they love says something about them. However, in this article, we are going to focus on flowers only and what kind of flower is most suitable for a certain person. It’s a microphilosophy, so let’s get started.

If you prefer roses, you are certainly a romantic person

As you all know, the rose is a symbol of love and romance. If a male decides to give a rose to his girl, he wants to show his affection towards her. It is almost like a sort of tradition – to give roses to the ones you truly love and respect. However, a rose can have an even deeper meaning in that case, and that is passion. Passion is directly connected to the red ones and people who like roses are said to perform well in bed. Finally, roses can show a certain kind of sacrifice that a man is ready to make for a woman in order to get her. That is why, in the past, men would usually hold a stalk of a rose in their mouth, thus showing that they are not afraid to be hurt by thorns in order to win a lady’s heart. This tradition seems a bit old, but if any man should decide to have a dance with a girl with a rose in his mouth, I bet that the girl will be knocked off her feet. Finally, roses are flowers which are only for the ladies, and if a man receives one, that can be interpreted in many different ways.

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If you love lilies, you should become a parent

This you may not know, but a lily is the symbol of maternity. Everything that is connected to mothers, such as birth, children or fertility is closely connected to lilies. So, if you prefer this flower, you will certainly become a caring and extraordinary mother with many happy children. If you are, by any chance, a male who likes this flower, this certainly doesn’t mean that you will be a mother. However, this shows that you are a caring person who will take time off work only to spend some quality time with his wife and his children. Lilies also show a certain kind of tenderness, not only towards children but also towards other people and small animals.

Iris is for the faithful and for the wise

The Iris flower can be found in a wide variety of colors with blue being the most frequent one. With every color comes a different interpretation, but we can say that people who like Irises are most likely faithful and wise. Even in ancient Greece, they believed that the Iris should be given only to those who use their mind properly and speak wisely, thus philosophers were said to be closely related to Iris flowers. You are also a faithful person if you like Irises, and if you give a flower to your partner, you make a kind of promise that you will never cheat on him or her and that you expect the same in return.

To sum up, there are lots of flowers out there and everyone has a certain meaning and can define you a bit as a person. You should definitely carefully choose which flower you give to the people from your life, because you do not want to tell a different story about you or about the person you are giving the flowers two. After all, it is the scent and the look of flowers that counts, but the meaning and the effects of the flowers should also be considered.

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