When Words Fail – Creative Ways To Record Your Memories

When moments pass us by, memories are all we have. Special events and other beautiful moments in life create cherished memories, but the picture in our heads isn’t always enough. In order to really remember, and in order to really describe the moment to anyone else, you need more than words alone. Sometimes not even simple photographs or videos seem to do those special moments enough justice.

Here are some creative ways to record memories.


Scrapbooking is a hobby that’s really grown in popularity over the last several years, and it’s a fun, creative way to record all different types of memories. Themed scrapbooks can collect and present your memories in whatever way you think makes the most sense. You can put photographs and other memorabilia, like ticket stubs, into a scrapbook and accent them anyway you’d like. Captioning photos and adding journaling to the pages can really make your memories pop, and you can do any kind of arts-and-crafts to enhance and decorate your scrapbook.


When you have a lot of photographs of one event, don’t just put them all into a photo album. Another option is to create a slideshow that can be viewed on the computer. With a simple program like SoundSlides, you can create a customized slideshow that looks however you want to design it. You can also use music or other sound recordings along with the photographs. A great idea is for you or someone else to tell a story about the event and use a recording of it to accompany the slideshow. Slideshows can also include video clips and other images.


Collages are a fun way to express your emotions, and they can be great for recording your memories. The photographs, magazine cutouts, and other images that you include on your collage can convey whatever emotion and story you want, and it’s up to you to arrange them in a way that makes sense to you and allows you to return to the particular event or moment.

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The Internet has so many tools for recording memories, and you can create a website for just about anything at all. You can design a website that tells the story of your memory, with whatever and as many pages as you want. For example, you might make a collage of photographs on one page, put a video on another, and on another post text. One specific type of website that’s great for recording memories is a blog, because you can use it exactly like a journal, but you can also enhance it with images, links, color, design, and more, in order to really make your point.


Recordings are perhaps the best ways to record memories. Video recordings can capture the exact moment and allow you to relive it every time you watch it, and there’s no more accurate way to share your memory with someone else than letting them watch it for themselves. Audio recordings are also a great tool. You can speak your memory out loud, and you can also ask other people who were involved to share their memories on tape, too. Audio recordings will let you hear the raw emotion and character in someone’s voice as they tell their story.

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