Where Can I Buy Cheap Baby Clothes And Accessories Online?

As a new, first time mum I struggled to find affordable baby items on a low budget but after some research online I found a few places that I would definitely recommend. Its difficult to budget with a new baby and parents need all the help they can get when it comes to finding cheap baby items online. Here are a few ideas that may help you out.

Online Stores

Even department stores or clothes websites online have a lot of good offers, especially if you shop in the sales or use discount codes that can be found on various forums or discount voucher websites. hot dealsuk and money saving expert forums are very good examples of these kind of sites and you can search discounts by shop or store name.

Amazon is a great place to find cheap items. Similar to ebay but without the bidding. Sellers upload their items and give you the best price. When you find an item you want and click on it, it will list the lowest price and whether its new or second hand. Amazon is one of them sites that sells absolutely everything

If you aren’t bothered about brand new items then auction sites such as eBay and ebid are excellent places to find value for money items. They also add that little bit of excitement when you win an item. You can find sellers in your local area for collection or if you don’t mind paying postage and packaging, items may be cheaper from abroad.

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Gumtree is another great place to find used baby items and you can find almost anything and because all the users are private sellers and its easy to come to a deal with a seller and get items posted if they aren’t in your local area. Easy to search by city or town.

There are a lot of major baby websites such as Mothercare and Kiddicare and even your local supermarkets online that sell old stock cheaper online. A bonus is sometimes you even get online only offers so its actually cheaper than going into the store.

I noticed on quite a few baby forums and chat-rooms that the users sell or swap their old baby items for a decent price and you get to meet other parents and share stories about your children.

Another option is to join baby clubs for free to get possible free gifts and also discount vouchers to use in certain stores.

Although not online depending on where you live you may find a local baby store that lets you put items aside, whether your a parent or a parent to be its a great way to budget and pay weekly for your items. These places will sell clothes, prams and baby accessories such as blankets, bibs and dummies. Although this idea may not necessarily be classed as cheap baby item you may find that if you go when they are getting the new seasons stock in they may give you a discount on last seasons stock.

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