Where To Find The Easy Button For Events That Take Over Your Life

Figuratively, if only we had an easy button for life’s whiplash of change. We could put the brakes on many unfathomable moments that go wrong and grant ourselves time to catch our breaths. For instance, you could use an easy button the moment your car breaks down on your way to a career-breaking meeting. By the time you get there, your rival has sold his idea to the panel of marketing execs and he wins the account.

You could use an easy button at the moment you decided to invest in your dream and just as you prepare to make the down payment on your project, you find out that your joint-account has pennies in the balance and your spouse, nowhere to be seen. If you could rewind, fiddle with the past to stop the train wreck that just happened you could circumvent the ills of destiny and recreate your own happy ending.

If Wishes Were Horses

What if you really had full control over destiny and everything went according to your fool proof plan. Let’s say you encounter no surprises or rejections because you’ve made provisions for every possible outcome, would life be bliss for you or terribly unexciting? I think it would be a boring existence without the nuances of life that keeps us entertained and charismatic.

Although we strive for it, absolute certainty is not something we mere mortals are empowered with. The sooner we realise that things will run amuck despite our ardent efforts, the better our life circumstances. It’s in the wake of life’s hard knocks that we are exposed to teachings of humility and in its aftermath we learn to get back up and fight our way back to a level footing, otherwise we remain lost and defeated.

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The Time Capsule

Remember the two examples cited earlier of the ambitious marketing rep and the dream-seeking investor who had their hopes dashed by the forces of nature? In pressing the easy button, both could have benefitted from the master of time. The marketing rep needed more time to get to the meeting to win over his superiors. The dream-seeking investor needed more time to find a source of funds before she could sign-off on her project.

Generally, if we had the benefit of time we could work off payments or find alternative options to fix a litany of problems. Setbacks of any magnitude ironically require speedy resolutions and a financial crisis is one of those dire moments that require payday loans bad credit rescue. It is in these moments of financial need that you can’t afford to wait. A good contingency plan can include access to payday loans for bad credit which can give you the temporary freedom to make your next move.

The Easy Button at Your Fingertips

Depending on how you look at it, ‘your glass is either half empty or half full’, to use this withering cliche. Your very own easy button has always been there right between these two perspectives. In this world, you have basically two choices to make when a problem seems to defy a satisfactory solution; you can take a positive view and find your way out of the dilemma or take a negative view and accept the repercussions.

Consequently, your easy button will allow you to take a logical angle to unexpected problems and lead you into poignant resolutions.

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