Why More People Are Choosing Cremation

Losing A Loved One

Financially losing a loved one can be extremely draining. Typical burial services have soared in price over recent years making them simply too expensive for the average family to afford. When families lose a loved one and no funeral arrangements by the deceased have been put in place, both the organisation and payment of the funeral service will be left to remaining members of the family.

These days, as burial service prices soar, more and more families are turning to cremation services as a cheaper way of saying goodbye. Reducing costs by more than fifty percent, cremation is now the number one choice for laying a loved one to rest and can be life saver financially for some people left with the financial responsibility of paying for a lost loved ones funeral service.

Choosing Cremation

Funeral homes throughout the United Kingdom, Canada and The USA are now providing families with a wide range of different cremation services to suit every family’s needs and budget. You can choose a simple cremation with no service or pay slightly more and hold a memorial service similar to the one held for a burial service. Costs can be reduced even further by hiring, rather than purchasing, a coffin or casket for the cremation service itself. Now seen as a respectable rather than barbaric way in which to lay a loved one to rest, cremation services are increasing around the world with nearly every funeral home now providing some kind of cremation service alternative to a burial service.

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Many families also believe that holding a cremation service for their loved one is a far more personal way to say good bye. The ability to either store their ashes (or cremains) at the family home in an urn or indeed scatter them in a favoured place of the deceased seems far more personal than burying a loved one in the ground. Many families even go abroad to disperse their loved ones ashes, however permission should be sought before carrying some ones ashes on a plane!

If you have recently lost a loved one and have been left with the organisation and financial responsibility of paying for the service then get in touch with your local funeral home director today. Ask them what kind of cremation services they hold and ask for a comparison in costs between a cremation service and burial serviceĀ  you may well be pleasantly surprised.

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