Why Visit The Dentist In Burlington Twice Per Year?

Dental patients who want to avoid major problems such as rotting teeth and unhealthy gums will want to visit the dentist in Burlington at least twice per year. If patients are able to visit once every six months, that will help prevent most major dental problems from occurring. Any minor dental problems such as cavities and swollen gums can be fixed easily without having to resort to major procedures. The pain for the patient will be less with any minor dental problems fixed before they become major problems. That is why going to the dentist twice per year is very important.

During the twice per year visits to the dentist in Burlington, it is important to always get a professional teeth cleaning. Patients should brush and floss at least three times per day. During each brushing session, patients should spend at least 30 seconds on each quadrant of the mouth. It is also important to floss properly as well. Despite the home hygiene, there will be some plaque and bacteria on the teeth. That is why a professional dental cleaning is needed every six months to get rid of the remaining plaque and bacteria. The result of this cleaning is fewer problems with tooth decay and gum disease. Some patients may need to get cleanings more frequently due to their propensity to get tooth decay or gum disease.

The other important part of the visit to the dentist in Burlington is the dental exam. The dentist will check for any problems in the mouth including cavities, gum disease, and mouth cancer. Mouth cancer can be very easy to detect. It is well worth it for dentists to spend the time to check for mouth cancer. The visual examination and the X-ray images of the mouth can be useful for detecting cavities. Many dentists also use a laser device to search for smaller cavities that can easily be missed by other methods. The dentist will also check for any evidence of gum disease. Swollen gums and bleeding gums are an indication that there is gum disease.

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In many instances, the dentist in Burlington will check the depth of the pockets in the gum with a probe to determine how serious the gum disease is. Unfortunately, it is not possible to ascertain the amount of gum disease without using the probe. There may be a slight amount of pain as the probe is touching inflamed portions of the gum tissue. Depending on the results of the gum examination, the dentist may recommend that additional cleanings be done to help reduce the amount of inflammation in the gums. A deep cleaning may be needed, which is a more thorough cleaning that goes below the gum line.

Some patients don’t visit the dentist frequently enough due to finances. Most people who have dental insurance will have coverage for many of the exams, cleanings, and procedures. If there is insufficient dental insurance coverage or insufficient cash, the dentist may be able to offer either a payment plan or access to a lender that offers medical loans. Eligibility for a payment plan will depend on the patient’s credit. Although most patients would prefer to not visit the dentist more than twice per year, any problems found during the exam will require a third or fourth visit in order to perform treatment. Nevertheless, it is better for patients to go to those additional appointments in order to restore good dental health. Many patients do not like to visit the dentist. However, it is much worse when patients neglect their dental health for months or years. Many people end up losing their teeth due to not taking care of their dental health. That is why visiting the dentist twice per year is a good idea.

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