Women! How To Come Up With A Look For Your Wedding – And Avoid Being Too Sexy

Creating a look for your wedding day is something you’ve probably dreamed about since you were a little girl, but now that the moment has come you probably realise that it’s not quite as easy as you had thought and that there are a lot of factors to consider if you want to avoid looking dumb.

Going back to those dreams you had as a little girl, chances are that you were initially inspired by the likes of Cinderella and Sleeping Beauty and that that’s the way you wanted to look. Looking like a princess though is dangerous territory when you’re getting married for real.

While it’s certainly possible to go with ‘princess’ style hair and dress styles, Katie Price and others have proven that it isn’t so glamorous when you see it in real life. Huge dresses can look somewhat gauche and ostentatious, while huge eyelashes and rock solid hair can be… well terrifying… when seen in person. Think about your poor groom!

That’s one mistake that people make, then there’s the other – which is to try and sex it up. These are the brides who wear super high heels and skin tight dresses that barely cover their modesty. Smokey eyes, bright red lipstick and silky gloves finish off the look. While this is all good and well at the hen party though, on your big day it can end up making you look cheap. Sure, the groom is unlikely to mind this look quite so much, but remember that your grandparents (and his) are probably going to be present and that this is supposed to be about love and purity – you don’t want to look like a streetwalker.

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Creating Your Look

So with that in mind then, how do you go about creating a great look for yourself that will satisfy the little girl/clubbing diva in you without making everyone else in the church feel awkward?

The first thing to remember is that often ‘less’ will be more, which isn’t to say you can’t ‘allude’ to the look you want. You can look sexy then for sure, but choose your legs or your cleavage to tease – not both. Likewise, you can add some traditional ‘princess’ elements to your look such as a tiara, but don’t go ‘full princess’ or each element will lose its impact.

You also need to be realistic about your look, and about what looks good on you. What can help in this case is to have a friend or family member who you know will be completely honest with you and tell you it like it is. Have them on standby and listen to what they say when you make your decisions.

Ultimately your aim should be to try and look ‘beautiful’ rather than sexy, and ‘elegant’ rather than princess-like. These are the equivalents in the real world that will serve you much better. Then finish off that look with the full package – by arriving in a beautiful wedding limousine and arriving to touching music. Think about these moments when you choose your look, and you won’t go far wrong.

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