Your Kid’s Birthday Party On A Budget

In a time where everyone is counting pennies, it can be difficult to find enough money in your monthly budget to treat your kids. So when their birthday comes around once a year, parents naturally want to give their children the party they have been dreaming of or asking for. However, once everything is calculated this can amount to staggering costs, which many parents just cannot manage to come to terms with. Here are some great money saving tips to give your kids the best party on a great budget.

The Venue:
The venue for your kid’s party can often be the biggest cost in the party planning. So instead of shedding out loads of cash on a venue, consider using your home or even hiring a marquee for your garden. However if that idea doesn’t sound too good, then call your local church halls and community centers, as they often provide great spaces at low cost.

The Entertainment:
With the age of social media and the television growing, the simple party clown or magician just doesn’t cut it for most children. An inexpensive way to provide entertainment at your kid’s birthday party, is to revolve everything around them and get creative! Try things like printing off pictures of your child and making the children guess how old they where. Another great idea is by creating puzzles of a group picture of the party guests, which could be taken at the start of the party. They can then be printed off and cut into pieces the children then have to organize. MP3 players and mobile phones are a great way to download your kid’s favorite songs and play them, without having to spend money on a DJ. Treasure hunts are also a great way to entertain kids, with inexpensive prizes hidden all around the venue.

The Food:
Food can also be one of the biggest costs involved in having a party. There are great ways to cut the cost of food by using the motto ‘do it yourself’! Go back to basics and purchase a few loafs of bread and fillings to create sandwiches at low costs. Also snacks such as crisps and chocolate can be purchased at discount stores, allowing bulk buys at great costs. Even better you can go for a healthy option and slice a few cucumbers and carrots as a healthy treat. One of the biggest costs can be the cake, with professional cake shops charging huge prices. Get the birthday boy or girl involved and make a few batches of cupcakes, you can even experiment with different flavors and icing designs.

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The Gift:
The gift is probably the thing your child will find most important, so you have to get it right. With cashback shopping you can buy great gifts and receive great cashback deals. So you do not have to worry about stretching your budget to be able to afford that perfect gift to make them happy.

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