Your Wedding, Your Dream

So, you’ve found the love of your life. More importantly, you’ve decided that he’s the love of your life, ’till death do thee part. What do you do first?!

Well, if you’re like many brides, you text all your friends, call your mom, change your Facebook status, and maybe cry a little. From there, your wedding planning strategy is going to depend largely on whom you talk to.

There are, however, a few steps that all brides should start with:

Get inspired

Hopefully this is an easy step. This is where brides-to-be purchase bridal magazines and get out the highlighters, or create a new Pinterest board to collect their favorite ideas. Inspiration for your wedding will not be hard to find if you stick to what you and your significant other care about. As with the path that got you to this moment, let your heart lead the way.

As you get inspired, you will find other important decisions being made along the way, such as the size of wedding you envision, budget for the event, style or theme you imagine and details that are imperative to making your day come alive.

Pick a date

One of the most difficult tasks, getting those save the dates out, needs be high on the priority list. Of course, sending these important little cards starts with picking a date, and there are so many factors that go into the date selection! Are there events that will conflict with the date? Which date will allow the most people to come? Will the venue still have availability? While you cannot control every factor that may impact your day, these are important questions to consider sooner rather than later.

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The good news, there are some fun, beautiful, unique options out there for reserving your special day on your family and friends’ calendars. As this is the part of your wedding that will be stuck to refrigerators and bulletin boards until your wedding day, and for some attendees is the first impression of you as a couple, be sure you put your best foot forward.  Your save the dates should tell the story of you two, your love, and your anticipation for a happy future together.

Have fun

This is the third, but perhaps the most important, step. Your wedding day is primarily about beginning a new chapter of your life, not about flavor of cake, the type-o in the programs, or color of your bridesmaid’s dresses. Those things are important to your experience, of course, but it is important to maintain perspective. Be sure every part of planning your wedding is a celebration of you, your groom and your new life together!

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