3 Ways To Save Money On Large Purchases

Large purchases like food, furniture or a car sometimes seem like real budget busters. Finding the most practical way to cut down on big expenses, like buying used cars for instance, puts you on the road to financial health. It might take a little more effort, but the cash you save can go towards a family vacation or a new entertainment system. Consider some sensible means to saving money on must-have purchases.

Thrift Store Shopping

Thrift store shopping is a trending topic these days. Going from thrift store to thrift store is an educational experience that will become habit forming, and second-hand stores are real treasure troves for gently used furniture. When you need something to fill a room, you can find some real prizes for less.

Second hand is a good way to go for bookcases, entertainment centers and dressers  any type of wood piece is a safe buy. You may even find sofas and chairs if you shop smart. Just look the article over closely before you buy  that way there will be no surprises when you get it home.

Garage sales are another avenue to interesting furniture. Like browsing thrift stores, finding something of value is part of fun. Take your time and look for furniture second-hand before buying new.

Power Couponing

The Internet is a buzz with this intriguing new approach to grocery shopping. There are classes, blogs and coupon sites all focused on getting items you need for little or no money. The real trick to couponing is organization. A good way to start is by setting up a scrapbook with pocketed pages and tabs.

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Make a grocery list of items you need then go online to manufacturer sites and databases like The Coupon Hubby and print out some real savings. It will take a little bit of practice to find a system that works for you, but with power couponing, you could cut back on food expense significantly.

Buy Used

Everybody loves the idea of a new car, but there are real advantages to buying used. Getting a vehicle second-hand allows you to purchase something that you couldn’t afford brand new. Many dealerships offer a used car that was once a rental or an off-lease vehicle so the low miles are low, as well. You may even get a warranty if you shop around.

Taxes are also part of the new car battle. Buying used brings the total cost down and reduces the sales tax. Any time you purchase something second-hand, you want to do your research. Make a list of five model cars you would love to own then go online and see how much the current model costs.

After you price the car brand new, repeat the process for the same model just a few years old. The difference in cost might surprise you. The money you save can go toward gas and insurance.

Some things in life you can’t do without, but that doesn’t mean you have to pay top dollar for them. Smart shopping is a process that can be fun. Whether you are hitting up the local thrift store or browsing online for used cars, it will be worth the effort when you see what you save.

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