Choosing an Accident Alaim Attorney Solicitor

Choosing an Attorney/Solicitor

Accident claim attorneys/solicitors are very important in speeding up the claims process or in court battles that can ensue from the insurer refusing to pay compensation. There are many things a person can do to get the best attorney/solicitor for this situation.

Look for someone qualified and experienced

You will want someone very familiar with the legality of filing an accident claim. Make sure he graduated from a reputable legal school and he is authorized to practice law in your country. At this point, ask him about his experience in your type of claim. Most attorneys/solicitors are specialized in dealing with certain claims which can help you assess this.

Look for someone easy to work with

The accident claim process will mean you spending a lot of time with your lawyer/solicitor when you go over the details of the case. Look for someone you are comfortable with and is respectful towards you. Also, find someone who has your best interests at heart.

Consider affordability

There will be certain fees you may have to pay to the attorney/solicitor. Discuss them with your lawyer before starting the process. Make sure that you will only be paying fees that you are legally entitled to and no other out-of-pocket fees. Find someone who you can afford to avoid complications after the compensation process has begun. Often, in the US & UK, compensation claims are filed on a no win no fee.

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Contact his past clients

A few words with past clients will give you an insight on your chosen sttorney/solicitor that you could have previously overlooked. You can also gauge the probability of succeeding on the accident claim process by looking at the attorney’s/solicitor’s past victories.

Find out his strategy

It is important to know whether the attorney/solicitor intends to battle in court or negotiate an out-of-court settlement with the insurer. Court battles can get complicated and expensive and therefore most prefer a an attorney/solicitor that prefers settling.

Find out what happens in the event of a loss

An attorney/solicitor can decide to go to court and loss the case to the insurer. In this case, the insurer will not be required to pay your legal fees. Having this information can help you in considering your options. An attorney/solicitor can have very high fees and therefore put you off him.

Find a referral

You may have friends or family that has had a similar experience in the past. You could ask for their advice in attorney/solicitor selection. They can also refer you to their lawyer.

Finding a good attorney/solicitor is not as hard as it may at first seem. All that is needed is good information.

Henry Boothroyd believes that an accident claim attorney/solicitor should be chosen with the utmost care having worked closely with the industry for some time.

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