5 Innovative Business Networking Ideas

Networking is a vital aspect in marketing your business, getting your name out there and making the right connections. There are many different ways to network, some more efficient than others. Networking with the right people, in the right places can do wonders for your business. In this business based article we look at some alternative and unique business networking ideas for you to grow your business and brand.

Business Networking Ideas

1. Make effective use if informal business meet ups

Many organisations and industries organise informal business meet ups that host an array of people all in the same sector. These can be profitable business networking events to attend. You will be surrounded with many people from the same industry all looking to network, gather affiliates and make the proper connections.

2. Utilise social networks

Social networks such as Twitter, Facebook, Pinterst and even Youtube have been playing a pivotal role in both marketing and networking for many businesses, large and small. If you don’t have an online, social presence, you do not exist. In great business networking tips, one should definitely look at ways to further network on these social sites.

3. Business Networking while your commute

Many people spend a large amount of time commuting to and from work every day. It’s important to remember that networking can happen at any stage and one should be prepared. On your long commute you will probably be surrounded by many other business people on your mode of public transport. You may get chatting to pass the time and this can be a great opportunity to network. Just have a business card handy and you never know what connections or possible clients you may meet.

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4. Organise a business lunch or breakfast

Many large businesses are situated in business parks where there is a central canteen. Many people do not even have an idea of the other businesses around the park and it’s likely that there is a business networking opportunity. One of the best business networking ideas I have heard of is organising a business breakfast or lunch in the actual business park itself. This will give you the opportunity to network with other professionals and evaluate if you can be helpful to one another in a business manner.

5. Organise a mini conference for professionals

A conference can not only be a great opportunity for communication between businesses but also  networking. Why not organise your own mini conference and invite all of the other businesses and professionals involved. This will give you the perfect business networking opportunity to actually interact with the right people.

Jemma Scott is a freelance writer with an interest in business advice and tips. She has spent much time in Office Space Brussels and across the world, gathering the best advice from professionals.

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