5 Motorcycle Safety Tips For Long Road Trips

Traveling long distance via motorcycle is an inexpensive and exciting way to view the world. Getting to your destination safely is your primary concern, and you’ll find the following helpful tips handy in experiencing a happy and healthy journey.

1. Motorcycle Preparation

Before you embark on your adventure, you want to have your motorcycle checked thoroughly. An authorized mechanic can check certain items such as the chains, drive shaft and sprockets. If you have a trained eye, you can give your bike a check-up to see if it’s in good condition to make a long road trip. Whether you ask a San Diego state trooper or a Charlotte motorcycle accident attorney, they will both advise that checking your motorcycle before a trip is one of the best precautions you can take for your safety.

If anything is in need of repair, you need to have this fixed before you start your trip. Don’t forget to pack your tool kit in case you have to make repairs on the road. A flat repair kit can also come in handy and get you to an area where you can have the tire repaired properly.

2. Pack Items Well

Since you’ll be traveling by motorcycle, you’re going to be limited on space. You also want to keep the weight distributed evenly when traveling along the road. Go through your bags and pack only the items that you’ll need.

Mother Nature can be temperamental, so you need to be prepared for all types of weather conditions. Essential items include a vest for warmth, rain gear and clothes that can be worn in layers.

Removable saddle bags can be transported safely indoors when you stop at night and are convenient for carrying your gear inside without having to unpack the items in the parking lot of your hotel.

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3. Check Safety Gear

When you’re traveling the open roadways, you need to wear the proper safety equipment. Helmets, protective eye gear, leather jackets, long pants, gloves and boots are important items. You also want to wear vibrant colored clothing to ensure that you’re visible to the other drivers on the road.

4. Use Maps And Gadgets

Plan your route the night before, so you know where you’re going the next day. In case you have an emergency, you want to travel a route that is visible and has service stations along the way in case you need to make an unexpected stop. You should also have your cellphone charged and ready to access in case you need to call for directions or use your GPS along the way.

5. Take Rest Breaks

Riding for long periods of time on a motorcycle can be exhausting, and you need to know your limits. You should stop often to get off the bike and stretch your legs. If you feel tired at any point throughout the day, you need to pull over and find a location to rest. Operating a bike takes focus and energy. Relying on caffeinated beverages such as coffee, energy drinks and soda will only make you overtired.

Planning a long road trip on a motorcycle can be a unique way to travel. However, riding long distances requires a clear head and a lot of preparation. By having a well-maintained bike, and the right gear, you’re ready for a smooth ride ahead.

Nadine Swayne presents this article to inform motorcyclists that safety is the key to any road trip! If you are unfortunately involved in a crash with another driver, contact a Charlotte motorcycle accident attorney for experienced representation for your case and to hold those responsible to pay for all losses.

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