5 Not-So-Common Causes of Car Accidents

Driving under the influence, speeding — these are just two of the most common causes of car accidents and most of the time, there is nobody to blame but the driver himself. However, what if the cause of the car accident is something out of the ordinary? Do you know your legal options if faced with this issue? If not, these accident lawyers in Toronto could help you.

Scenario #1: Car accident caused by the car dashboard’s font

A research conducted by MIT showed how different font styles can influence reaction times for drivers. According to the study, Frutiger, a font with wider openings and spaces in-between produced faster reaction times than a slightly similar font, Eurostile. If this happens, you should contact a product liability attorney who can help you with your case. This may be a case of a manufacturer’s defect.

Scenario #2: Recalled car models due to parts defect

Car parts such as seat belts, airbags and locks can be a cause for a manufacturer’s recall. Any injuries sustained by a consumer due to any auto defects are a manufacturer’s liability. As a consumer, you can take back the car so the manufacturer can fix or replace the defective parts for free. Monetary damages resulting from car injuries can also be recovered with a help from a vehicle safety defect product liability attorney.

Scenario #3: Car accident caused by damaged road or potholes

There had been cases when a class action suit was taken due to a number of motorists sustaining damage to their vehicles due to potholes. Potholes or any damage to roads that are found to be caused by negligence is a liability to the law. Victims or complainants can file a compensation claim against the company in-charge of keeping the road in good condition. Australia, for instance, has a Road Management Act that regulates how companies carry out road management plans or policies. As long as there is evidence of negligence, claims for damages can always be taken as a legal action.

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Scenario #4: Multi-vehicle accident

Sometimes, car damages or accidents can happen as a result of multi vehicle accidents. Most of the time physical injuries as well as damages can be sustained by those involved in the accident. If there is only damage to car involved, usually, an insurance claim will do. However, if there is physical injury involved such as whiplash injury, fracture or worst, traumatic brain injury, a lawsuit may be filed.

Scenario #5: Poorly placed road signs or barriers

Road signs that are not easily seen can be a cause of car accident. Another would be a road barrier not positioned properly. These things can cause collisions between vehicles or head-on collision to the barrier. There are also cases when the barrier used is not made of a prescribed material. Road barriers must sustain impacts caused by vehicle collision. For instance, road barriers used to protect vehicles from canals should be strong enough to hold off deformation. In cases this happens, compensation for economic damages or non-economic damages can be claimed.

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