5 Of The Best Car Insurance Providers In The UK

When you’re out on the road, only about 60% of what happens can be controlled by you. The other 40% is controlled by motorists around you, weather conditions, travel factors and what not! This means that you can never be 100% sure that nothing will go wrong, and so you need to be sure that you’re prepared no matter what goes wrong- so it’s a good idea to get yourself insured.

What Is Insurance?

Insurance is a protective cover that companies offer in return of a payment called premium, all you’ve got to do is select your insurance plan and you know for sure that no matter what happens you’ve got a fall-back, and having a cushion to break the fall can always help cover the damage.

Top Insurance Companies:

Whenever you’re looking to buy insurance in the U.K. there are several companies that offer insurance plans that you can buy from but a good idea will be to compare what each prospective plan offers before you purchase an insurance plan because when you’re investing money in safe guarding another investment you need to be sure.

When You’re Taking A Look You Could Probably Check Out

  • Direct line:

Direct line offers a variety of automobile insurance plans in the U.K. It offers various services as well, you can get a car quote or even retrieve your quote, you can manage your policy and check out the discounts they offer on car insurance. They offer multi-car insurance and even optional extras; there is also van insurance and several cover options, so you may want to take a look at the plans they offer.

  • Admiral
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Admiral is another insurance company that you can glance upon while looking up insurance options they also offer single car and multi car insurance, they allow policy upgrades, have a bonus accelerator function, break down cover, hire cover, as well as personal injury cover.

  • Sainsbury’s Bank

Sainsbury’s has been a very reputed name in the U.K. for about a decade now, so it’s obvious you can trust Sainsbury’s. Apart from multiple schemes there are several benefits they offer such as double nectar points on Sainsbury’s shopping and fuel for a two year period, there’s the uninsured driver promise, they offer a courtesy car when your car is out for repairs, as well as a five year guarantee on repairs. Of course conditions apply but you could give it a look.

  • Liverpool Victoria

Liverpool Victoria is another name which has been associated with insurance. Apart from multiple schemes you can choose from, they also offer multiple benefits such as free windscreen repair service, a five year guarantee on repairs, and a discount on multi car insurance as well.

  • Aviva

Aviva is a well-known name when it comes to insurance as such, you can insure with them to benefit from the uninsured driver promise. There’s the named driver discount, a 24/7 helpline, the options to add vehicles to the current policy, discounts on big name brands and optional breakdown cover. You can also manage your policy online.

So go take a look at your insurance options today. Better safe than sorry!

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