8 Things Older You Would Tell Younger You About The Importance of Savings Today?

Listen to your parents more Try harder in school Eat your vegetables Some people wish they knew what they know nowwhen they were younger. Can you relate (especially regarding savings)? Sure you can.
If you could engineer the ‘flux capacitor,’ making headway at 88mph into the past, visiting your former self, what would you mention about finances? Wouldn’t you tell you to save better? If you had 8 important, money insights to bestow on your former self, what would they be?
Take a look.
You’re Buying…That?
People change. Fads change. Fads which people like definitely change. Take notice of fads and trends. High price tags are usually connected to fads. Remember those zebra-print exercise pants (worn one time) you bought because others did too? Yeahthink about the future.
Is It a Want or Need?
Carrying around a check card or paper money is like a kid prancing through a toy store. You’re bound to want a new toy. We’re all conditioned to ‘desire’ commodities. However, are most needed? No. Take note of desires. Before pulling out the wallet, ask, “Is this a need or a want?” The less wants, the more money placed in a high interest savings account.
Avoid Credit Card Catastrophe
Oh, you want that now? You don’t have the immediate funds? You’re just going to put that pricy item on your credit card? Oh, you’re not thinking about best savings accounts right now? You want to spend not save? Don’t do it! Credit cards are financial quicksand pits. Unless it’s a huge purchase or must (house, car, smaller essential) don’t use the credit card if you don’t have the available funds!
Champion High Interest Savings
How interested are you in saving? You need to be! Be mindful of placing funds into a high interest savings account. Spend moneyon savings, not on fleeting whims. Why let money rest in your pocket when it could be accumulating more savings? Get in the habit of placing funds in a savings account.
Chart Progress
When was the last time you took a gander at your savings/checking accounts? Chart the progress of your savings. Make it into a game if you have to (think gamification). Keep tabs on increased savings peaks. Which banks offer the best savings accounts? Rather than spending, place focus on saving. Make it visual; chart your saving progress.
Learn to Cook
Fifty-cent bags of Asian noodles are economical but not very filling, or nutritious. After a while of satiating the appetite with mediocre staples, the stomach grumbles for more. Many are tempted to regularly ‘eat out.’ It’s convenient. It’s also pricy. Learn to cook. It’s economical. It’s healthy. It keeps a larger portion of the money pie available for high interest savings.
You’re Only Getting Older
Should you consider the notion of ‘carpe diem,’ should you live in the now? Or, should you be the tortoise, minding the ‘bigger picture,’ preparing for the future? You’re only getting older. Sure, live in the now; but tone it down a bit. Realize it is a marathon and not a race.
Listen to Your Elders
It’s awful to hear, “I told you so,” especially coming from oneself. Listen to your elders. Learn from those with experience. (It’s actually beneficial to go as far as asking those with experience, those who compare savings accounts, those who do other ‘grownup’ things, as well!)
Would you benefit from telling your younger self about some of the above? The bad news is that time travel and the ‘flux capacitor’ are fictional concepts (to date). The good news is that the you today is the yesterday you of tomorrowor something like that. So you can start employing these insights, increasing your high interest savings. Stop listening and start doing!

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