A Day in the Life of a Police Officer

Police officers certainly don’t have it easy. These demanding careers are equally fulfilling and rewarding but, like any other career, being an officer comes with its own set of daily challenges. If you’re planning on entering the field of law enforcement so that you can stop criminals in their tracks and help victims of crime every day, read on to learn what it’s like to be a police officer.

Controlling Traffic and Dealing With Accidents

Many police officers will start out by patrolling their area in their cars, looking for anyone who is driving recklessly and then pulling them over to hand out warnings and tickets. Sometimes a police officer has to be on the lookout for a particular car or a fugitive, and this can lead to high-speed chases and dangerous crashes. But, in the end, law enforcement usually wins by apprehending the criminals and driving them to prison.

Police officers always listen in on their radios to know if they need to head over to any traffic accidents as well. At the scene of an accident, they’ll collect evidence, write up reports, and make sure that everyone gets the medical care they need, if necessary. They’ll also make sure that everyone is able to remain civil with one another and ascertain that everyone has the proper car insurance in place to cover damages and medical costs.

Dealing With Burglars

While on patrol, an officer may be told that he or she needs to go to a person’s home to check for an invader or to investigate after a burglary has occurred. The officer has to be particularly careful to keep everyone who lives in the home safe while going in alone to make sure that the criminal is no longer there, as well as dealing with the criminal if there is a run-in. In the event that a burglary has already taken place and the criminal is long gone, it’s again up to the officer to write up a thorough report.

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Knowing the Risks Involved

Being a law enforcement officer is a risky job. If you enter this field, you have to be tough not only physically but emotionally as well because the reality is that you never know if you’ll be severely injured or even killed while on duty. That means that you and your family have to be aware of these risks, and every time you say goodbye to leave for your day or night shift, you have to understand that it could very well be the last time that you see your family. It’s a very sad reality that the incredible individuals who enter this field have to deal with all the time.

Despite the risks involved, being a police officer is a truly fulfilling and exciting career. You can expect something different every day and you can work to help others, whether you’re taking down a criminal who has been on the run or you’re performing a search and rescue.

About the Author: Jamie is a freelance writer who enjoys watching crime dramas on television, but she knows that the real-life crimes that occur are a lot scarier and that police officers put their lives on the line every day.

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