A DWI Lawyer Can Help You Clear Your Name after Getting Caught For the Offence

DWI is an offense under which an individual is charged or arrested by law enforcers for driving after drinking. DWI is considered as a major offence since you will be risking the lives of other people, along with your own. Many individuals tend to break the DWI rules, and hence road accidents have become quite common these days. Hence, the demand for DWI lawyers is also increasing.  

Contact a lawyer immediately if you are caught for DWI:

One could contact a DWI lawyer if he or his loved ones are stuck in similar cases. Government imposes various penalties and punishments on such drivers. Moreover, these punishments could lead to discredit of their family reputation in the society.   One wrong decision could change your life. Police will charge you for DWI if the level of alcohol concentration in your blood is high. However, there are various firms that have been established to help such people. These lawyers are skilled, efficient, and they clearly understand the provisions offered by the law to clear the name of their clients. They will represent their client in the court of law, and try their best to reduce the penalty that will be imposed by the magistrate.

Make sure that you select an experienced DWI lawyer, since he would stand a better chance to get the judgment in your favor. He would be able to reduce the penalties and punishment imposed on you, by putting forward suitable arguments in front of the majesty.  

While choosing a lawyer, you will need to consider the following:

  • An efficient lawyer will help in preventing the revoking of your driving license.
  • He or she must represent you in all the court hearings related to your intoxication offense.
  • He will need to file a petition for getting an agreement with the state. He will also discuss the impact of your guilty plea with the magistrate.
  • DWI lawyer will explain the seriousness about the blood tests and breathalyzer readings.
  • He must pursue an occupational license for you. This license gives you the permission to drive your car to the work place.
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You will need to closely consider the below mentioned points if you are arrested under DWI:

  • Do not forget to hire an attorney before 15 to 17 days of your arrest, as it is mandatory.
  • Usually the hearing in the court is held between 25 to 30 days after the arrest. Do not forget to make the appeal within 15 days of arrest. Afterwards, your right to hearing might be waived.


Following charges are imposed on the individuals on their first time offence:

  • He needs to pay a fine ranging from $300 to $500.
  • His driving license would be suspended for about 6 months or 180 days.
  • A period of probation for about 3 years.
  • A surcharge of $185

If you attempt the same crime for the second time, following penalties will be imposed on you:

  • You will need to pay fine of $1,000 to $2,000, or face imprisonment for a time period of 1 year.
  • Driver’s license will be suspended for 1 year.

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