A Few Interesting Facts About Self-Employed Lawyers In Surrey BC

When people think about lawyers, it seems that virtually everyone has an image which immediately comes to mind. Sometimes this image may not be one that corresponds with the truth, or is one that will keep people away from hiring a lawyer. One aspect of the lawyer profession that many people may not think about is a lawyer’s self-employed work. Some lawyers in Surrey BC are not with firms, and may be more approachable than lawyers with big firms who are perceived in the negative. Because self-employed lawyers operate more as small business owners, potential clients might also find them a lot easier to relate to in taking care of their needs. This is why I wanted to take a moment to help change that perception once and for all by offering you some interesting facts regarding lawyers which just may change the way you look at lawyers in Surrey BC forever.

Fact 1: Nearly 22% of all lawyers are self-employed.

While you may imagine that nearly all lawyers work for a large law firm, and spend their days surrounded by other hard hitting attorneys, the truth is that nearly a quarter of all lawyers in Surrey BC are nothing more than small business owners. Not only are many of these lawyers self-employed, but a vast majority of these lawyers are sole practitioners. This means that these lawyers do not have any other lawyers working in their firm. These lawyers face the same obstacles which all small business owners face. For instance, many self-employed lawyers will struggle with finding new clients, covering their overhead costs, and marketing their services. In many ways these lawyers are absolutely no different from the local businessman who owns a family store or the stay-at-home mother who performs medical billing tasks in her free time.

Fact 2: In order to maintain their law license, all lawyers are required to perform a certain number of hours of pro bono legal work each year.

The image of wealth and greed which many people associate with lawyers in Surrey BC has led them to believe that only a few kind-hearted lawyers would actually be willing to give their time and skills in order to provide free legal services to people in need. The fact is, however, every lawyer is required to perform this service in order to maintain their status as a licensed lawyer. While the exact requirement will vary from one jurisdiction to the next, the average requirement is that a lawyer completes 30 hours worth of legal services at absolutely no charge per year. Any lawyer who fails to meet this requirement can be taken before the bar association, and could potentially lose their license to practice law.

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Fact 3: The legal profession is one of the only effective self regulating industries in existence.

Most industries or professions will require an outside influence in order to regulate that industry, and ensure that its members behave in an ethical manner. In fact, the need for this type of regulation is so intense that there are dozens of federal agencies which have been created solely to address this need. Despite the fact that there are many people who question the ethics of lawyers in Surrey BC, the fact still remains that the legal profession is one of the only professions which has proven that they do not require this type of outside regulation. This is because the legal profession has a complex system of checks and balances which is designed to allow them to be completely self regulating, and still maintain one of the highest ethical standards in existence.

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