A Quick Guide to Financing Your New Furniture

So you’ve finally found that perfect bedroom set that’s right for you. It fits into your home and lifestyle in every way but unfortunately it’s not quite fitting into your budget. Don’t despair; there are often ways to pay off your perfect set over time.

Direct Financing

Many furniture retailers offer financing options that are affordable and competitive with credit cards or personal loans. One benefit of a sluggish economy is a strong incentive for businesses to attract and keep customers, and that includes offering new ways for them to pay. If you have very good credit, you can often negotiate a comfortable plan to pay off your bedroom furniture, dining room table, or contemporary kitchen cabinets.


Consider cashing out a small fraction of your home equity. You would do it for a remodel, so why not for another purchase that will improve the beauty and functionality of your home? True, furniture may not boost the value of your home unless it’s kitchen cabinetry or built-in bookshelves, but you will reap the benefits of it for a lifetime; and that in itself is a solid investment.

Go to the Source

Sellers and creators of handmade furniture may not have the ability to offer financing like the big retailers, but they may be willing to work out an installment plan. Any custom piece will require a deposit up front, but what happens after that is often negotiable. Remember, though, that the creator of your handmade tables is an artisan and small business owner deserving of respect; so don’t treat these transactions lightly. Part of the allure of buying a custom piece is that it is made with love and diligence. If the maker is feeling something less pleasant toward you, your payments are falling short, or you are unreasonably haggling, you might as well be buying something from the larger department stores and save yourself the time and effort.

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Card Games

One other option that is more or less identical to direct financing is to sign up for a credit card with a great introductory offer and use it to buy your furniture. Pay it off within the 0% APR time limit and your purchase may be interest free, or very close to it. The key to optimal success, of course, is diligence.

Be mindful and practical when it comes to making big purchases. No matter how much of a great deal or wise investment a furniture acquisition may seem, if you simply can’t afford it, let it go for now and reassess when your pocketbook is a little bit thicker. There will be a better time it’s never too late to bring beautiful, newly crafted pieces into your home.

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