Accidents at Work: Can I Be Compensated for My Loss of Livelihood?

Working in an industrial environment is not without its share of risks. Employees are continuously exposed to fumes and chemicals, and may have to operate heavy machinery. While adequate safety precautions are expected neglect can cause injury to the workers. This is especially so in the construction industry. If you work in an environment that exposes you to danger and have suffered injury, you can claim to be reimbursed for your losses.

Compensation claims take into account many factors, and you can be compensated for a large variety of injuries. For example, if you have medical bills arising from your injury, you can ask to be recompensed for them. If an occupational injury has put you out of work, you can seek income reparation. Here is all you need to know about compensation claims for work related injuries.

Types of Injuries That Can Be Compensated

Physical injuries, diseases that you contract, and disabilities can be compensated. If a loved one has died due to wrongful death at his workplace, his heirs may also demand compensation.

Some of the physical injuries that you may sustain are back problems from lifting heavy loads, injuries from operating vibrating machinery and fractures from slipping. You may also become a victim of poor safety practices, such as faulty machinery, lack of safety measures, or machinery that has not been maintained properly. Any injury that could have been prevented by the employer can be used as the basis of a claim.

Occupational disease often affects the lungs and skin. If you are frequently exposed to chemicals, such as in hairdressing or printing, you can develop work related disease. As long as you can prove that the disease is caused by work, you can make a valid claim.

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When is the Employer Liable?

The employer or the insurer that is to cover the claim will have to determine that whether the injury or disease was caused by the occupation, or there were other contributing factors. If another employee has contributed to the injury, you can still gain compensation as long as you were following procedure.

Deadline to File a Compensation Claim

Different countries have different deadlines. However, in case of physical wounds, the time that you have is determined from the date you had the accident. If you have contracted a disease, the time is dependent in the first diagnosis that was made for that condition. You will need a doctor’s report when you file a claim, so all occupational injuries should be checked by medical personnel as soon as possible.

Worth of Your Claim

You can claim loss of livelihood, if the injury was serious enough to put you out of work. The emotional toll the injuries have taken may also be compensated, if the court decides that they are significant. In case of smaller injuries such as a fracture, only the medical expenses will be covered. A personal injury attorney can advise you on the amount of compensation that you can claim for you particular injury.

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