Align and Streamline Direct Debit Payments Now

Accesspay Offers Secure Direct Debit Management Software

The AccessPay payments module makes sending and receiving domestic and cross-border payment within the SEPA zone as simple and affordable as possible. Isn’t that a great piece of news to welcome 2013?

Use it to send and receive electronic payments nationally and within the Eurozone, making payments faster, cheaper and more secure than ever before.

When cash flow is stretched beyond the limit and everyone is cutting costs wherever possible it can be really frustrating when direct debit payments are missed or turn up late, but this really doesn’t have to be the case anymore, trust me!

If you have ever had dreams of automating invoice collections you can actually access direct debit management software systems that will centralise everything. Imagine that! Think about it for a moment, you could use direct debit for a one off customer, an urgent and unusual payment or even the tedious stuff that happens month on month. Not only that, if you run all kinds of accounts, they would also all be together in one place, making everything less stressful.

Sounds like science fiction right? Wrong. What happens is BACS are used for UK transactions whereas SEPA is used for euro transactions which traverse borders with the new system you can have a direct debt guarantee which will trigger an immediate refund. So therefore each business making use of the new system will have much more control over their finances and financial month on month responsibilities. Not only this, but by automating so much of these outgoings you can actually save money which is neat too!

  • So if this piques your interest how about getting down to the nitty gritty of why this system would be good for your business then read on.
  • Think of the advantages of managing paperless DDs.
  • What about managing suppliers, subscribers or customers easily and efficiently, wouldn’t that change things?
  • Eliminate the fuss of validating bank and sort codes.
  • Sort your instruction processes without fuss.
  • Ensure your transaction security is never compromised and at the same time never contravene DD scheme rules.
  • Amalgamate all the changed details, cancelled transactions and DDs or reconcile any BACS reports.
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With this system it is a synch and being cloud based, the sky literally is the limit. No more worries about configuring software or fiddling with updates as it’s all done for you.

So if that hasn’t convinced you, where have you been? Alignment, streamlining,call it what you will is essential for modern day businesses. Technology has totally revolutionised attitudes, processes and expectations therefore if you want greater invoice collection, improved cash flow and more effective control then look no further.

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