An Undeniable Keystone In Fundraising

The candy-bar fundraiser is one of the most classic of all fundraising ideas simply because almost everyone loves chocolate!  One of the big advantages of choosing candy bars is the affordability, especially in an economy where many people are not spending money frivolously.

Millions of dollars are raised each year utilizing candy-bar fundraising; and with at least a 50% profit margin, it’s no wonder candy bars remain such a popular choice.   Candy bars are an effortless and reliable product; and as long as your group uses brand names that have proven themselves over the years, you can predict heavy sales and hefty returns.  Hershey products, for example, easily bring in upwards of 60% profit; and that’s a pretty sweet deal!  Well known products sell better; and that’s the bottom line.

Cost of Getting Started:

Many candy bar fundraising programs stipulate that your organization must purchase the product before the selling begins, so inquire to find out for sure, before any big campaign plans are made.

Selecting The Right Company:

First and foremost, choose a company that offers a variety of candy bars.  Even though candy bars are a select product, tastes and preferences vary greatly, so cater to diversity and pump up your sales.

Timing Is Everything:

There are two factors that can, and will, radically affect your sales:  1) other campaigns taking place at the same time as yours and 2) your campaign being the first, second or third to make its appearance.     Make sure you choose a time-frame when other fundraisers are not infiltrating your potential customer base.  For example, if Girl Scout Cookies or Boy Scout Popcorn is in full swing and your campaign takes place at the same time, your potential for sales will plummet; which brings us to the second point try, try, TRY to be the ‘lead dog’ in the pack by holding your fundraiser before any other fundraisers begin their solicitations.  If you are the second or third campaign to hit the streets, so to speak, you’ll find customers who won’t have the zest they did with the fundraiser that reached them first.  This is especially true in today’s economy where people are more conservative with their spending.

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Maximize Sales Potential:

Door-to-door sales as well as sales to family and friends might be a nice start, but it won’t generate much volume.  There are several ways to jumpstart your campaign to reach maximum sales:

1:  On-line Sales:

If your candy bar company doesn’t require up-front money, such as Signature Fundraising, inquire if they provide any on-line ordering.  This can be a real shot in the arm especially when one can send out mass emails to family and friends who can order quickly on-line.

2:  Sports Tournaments:

Speak with the principal of a local Middle-School or Jr. or Sr. High School to see what possibilities exist for setting up an attractive table with your goodies.  You’ll never have an opportunity to become more visual!

3:  School Open House/Conference Day:

Take advantage of masses of people in a very short amount of time.  If you know any teachers or school personnel, that person could help to ‘get your foot in the door’ with convincing the principal that setting up a candy-bar table would be a sweet idea.

4:  Add Some Incentive:

Most everyone becomes increasingly motivated when a dash of competition is added to the mix!  By offering prizes for the top two or three sellers, excitement builds and drive becomes more personal.

Be sure to tell people that you are not simply selling candy, but that you are selling it to fundraise for your cause people will respond much more supportively when they empathize with the need.  Good luck!

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