Asking the Right Questions to Hire the Right People

Hiring employees is not something which you should take lightly. In fact, the kind of people you hire may determine whether your business will succeed or, unfortunately, flounder. While it’s only understandable that you’re committed to your business’ growth a hundred percent, you cannot be that sure of the people who work for you. While there are individuals who really equate their existence in an organization on what they are able to bring to the table, there are also those who only live for the payday. Having said that, here are some questions you ought to ask during the interview:

 1. How dependable are you?

You actually do not have to ask this question in order to get the answers. Dependability can be measured on how early one arrives for work or for any appointment for that matter. An interviewee who shows up barely minutes before the interview is to start does not fit the bill. Work in some scenarios including a candidate being sick or unable to get to work and how soon he or she would phone in. If the candidate held past jobs, ask him or her casually about why he or she decided to quit. Speaking positively about others regardless of the circumstance also vouches for a person’s dependability. This means that despite what happened, he or she has the ability to see past that and still be professional.

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2. How motivated are you?

You’re essentially asking your candidate why he or she goes to work. What kind of satisfaction do they get by showing up for work day after day? Find out about the things they are excited to share should they start work at your company. At the same time, ask for what expectations a candidate may have for the job that he or she is applying for. A good sign of how motivated a person relies not only on his or her ability to have something to look forward to in terms of what he or she can share but also in terms of the lessons that he or she is eager to learn.

3. Do you take initiative?

A work environment should be one wherein people have a sense of purpose and not a toddler pen wherein you have to keep on instructing people. It’s simply not sustainable and keeps you from setting sights on more important things such as expanding your business. Asking questions in form of scenarios is the most effective way of sizing up a person’s level of initiative.

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