Assisted Living: Safety, Legal & Facility Considerations

It’s an unfortunate truth that everyone grows old. At some point in life, it simply becomes difficult for a person to take care of themselves in the manner they might have when they were younger. With age comes an abundance of concerns regarding continued quality of life decisions that must be made by both the individual and their family members. These important decisions will involve everything from choosing the quality medical help, to handling financial and legal issues.


If the proverbial “I’ve fallen and I can’t get up” scenario ever plays out, it should be obvious that medical support such as assisted living should at least be a thought. There are less evident clues, however, which could also point towards the need for assistance. If a person is no longer able to keep up with appointments, take care of bills or make sound financial decisions as they once did, it could be a sign that they make need some help.

Additionally, if someone has recently become victim of scams such as a foreign email solicitation for money or a local stranger taking donations for an unrecognized charity, they may have lost their cognitive ability to detect deception and protect themselves accordingly. Even a less neat house or bruises that they are attempting to hide/ignore could be signs that they’re simply unable to get around and are losing mobility. Undoubtedly, this could prove to be a serious risk for injury if something happens when no one else is present.


Many people realize they are aging, but some may not be fully aware of the significant changes their body and mind are experiencing. A close friend or relative may possibly serve as the catalyst for someone thinking about assisted living as a viable option when they’re unable to do the things that they used to do. Options like assisted living facilities in Birmingham are available to those that seek qualityaccommodations. Furthermore, it would serve as a comfortable, safe environment where exposure to criminal activity will be minimized.

Legal Aspects

When it becomes obvious that an individual needs to go to an assisted living facility, it’s imperative for them to get their legal documents in order. This would include taking care of valuables within current residential property, estate planning and granting power of attorney if something detrimental were to happen and/or for future medical decisions. Adult children may be able to handle some of this on their own, but it’s much more advisable to have all parties involved in the decision making process and seek out an assisted living attorney as soon as possible. This specific type of legal professional can help by finding ways to fund assisted living and handle many of the confusing legal aspects related to it.

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Choosing a Facility

When choosing a facility, regardless of whether it’s the individual or their family and friends making the decision, it’s imperative to pick a place that gives a first good impression. Was the staff friendly and genuinely interested in helping? Did they have time to speak or were they so busy that they rushed the experience? How was the outward appearance and cleanliness of the property outdoor and indoor areas?

Of course, all of these great signs can be a façade put in place by less-than-perfect communities. However, this is why it’s important to also do your homework. During your visit gauge the moods of other residents. Are they interacting with each other and do they appear to be happy with where they are? Are there hobbies and activities to engage in?


It would also be beneficial to speak with an experienced attorney about assisted living facilities’ reputations and check to find out if there is any pending litigation against the property. Also obtain references on the recommendations and research online reviews before choosing the right place.

Choosing to move into or having a family member moved into an assisted living facility is one of the most difficult decisions that anyone could ever make. Sadly, many of the negative aspects of making this choice, including the mixed range of emotions behind the decision, simply won’t be avoidable. It’s important to note, however, that covering all bases financially as well as legally along with getting help from professionals who are experienced in assisted living matters can be very beneficial in this process. They’ll be able to assist with handling the paperwork and legal aspects, and this leaves time for a family to deal with the decision in any way that they see fit.


J.L. Williams is a freelance writer who shares informative articles on legal choices and resources so that people can make informed decisions about how to proceed. Quality assisted living facilities in Atlanta are available for families seeking long term care.

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