Attack Of An Animal And The Path To Compensation

It is very common for households to have an animal that they keep as pets, dogs being a very popular choice. The temperaments of dogs are normally not one to be in fear of and they are treated as a valid part of the family. However, there have been situations where an animal has attacked a family member or someone in the general public. The result of an animal attack can lead to both physical and emotional scarring. Physical symptoms can include lacerations, loss of tissue, infections and crush injuries. In some cases the attack has led to a fatality.

Emotional Effects of the Attack

Emotional aspects from the incident can cause long lasting psychological damage, not only for the victim but for anyone who was a witness of the horrific assault. Any personal injury that has happened to you or a member of your family that was due to no fault of your own can be eligible for compensation.

To assist you with your claim from the animal attack the first course of action is to speak to a lawyer. As a victim a lawyer will be able to assist you to take the correct action in filing a case against the owner of the animal. Your legal representative can mediate between the two of you in order to come to a settlement you are happy with.

What will a Lawyer do?

The lawyer’s main task is to establish the animal attack and its liability. The lawyer’s client will want to seek compensation and it is up to them to negotiate a figure. By finding out where the liability lies will help the victim result in a successful case. Aspects the lawyer will delve into are whether the  animal attack owner is negligent in any way. This could be laws they have encroached upon in relation to the animal’s leash. Or if the animal owner was fully aware that the animal involved had already a history of animal attacks and did nothing to prevent this from happening. Owners of any animal have a responsibility to restrain their pet and ensure it proposes no danger to the public. If there are any issues certain measures would have to take place in order to resolve these issues.

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Awarded Fees

Compensation awarded will cover specific fees such as medical fees, emotional and psychological trauma and loss of wages. Your lawyer will help recover these fees by using relevant documentation and evidence they feel represent your case. Finding a lawyer who has a record of dealing with similar cases as this will mean they will hold the required knowledge and expertise to ensure the outcome is successful. Lawyers will alleviate any stress or worries you have associated with the incident giving you some peace of mind.

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