Attorneys – Are You Managing Your Online Reputation?

You understand the importance of an online presence, and have multiple profiles on social networking sites including LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter. The question now becomes, how safe is your online reputation? Are you familiar with every post on the Internet that mentions you? What about every photograph that you may be tagged in?

If you have not been analyzing your online identity, now is the time to start. While it is imperative to have an online presence, it is just as important to properly manage it. Especially, when posts are being made about you without your knowledge or consent. This unfortunate reality is happening every day to innocent people throughout the globe. And, as attorneys working in litigious environments, you are not safe or immune from this possibility.

To help solve this universal problem, Google has launched a new tool that helps you easily manage your online reputation. Called Me on the Web, this tool allows you to easily set up instant Google Alerts every time your name, Firm, or email address is mentioned. It also provides informative links, resources and advice on how to remove unwanted content from the Web and Google’s search results. While similar alerts existed in the past, this new one simplifies the process, making it easier than ever to respond to or remove unwanted content.

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You have worked hard to create quality blogs and professional profiles, and do not need them comprised by a defamatory post or photograph. In this digital world of minimal privacy, it is important to take control of your online reputation. If you haven’t done so already, it is time to start using reputation management tools, such as Google’s Me on the Web. You have a reputation to protect.

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