Bail Bonds: An Effective Legal Mechanism

The term bail has been more familiar to us that any other type of legal term. The reason is the use of this term in several movie flicks and specially in major criminal or legal cases in the world where even a million dollar money has been put for a client to get a bail. Hence there is hardly anyone who has not heard about the term. But do we really know the conditions under which a bail is granted? Most of us do not know it and hence the term bail bond is not familiar with us at all.

What Is Bail Bonds?

The bail bond as the name suggest is a pledge, a surety made by a bail bonds agent to pay a certain amount to the court only on the expense that the suspected convict would appear on the fixed trial dates of the court proceedings. The bond clearly states that if the suspected convict fails to appear in the court on the proposed dates of the trials of the case, entire money will be forfeited. Since the bail bonds agent posts the money on behalf of the client he needs to enter into some surety that the convict turns up to court. Usually in this case, any amount of jewellery, house property that is equal to the bail amount has to be kept like a mortgage to the bail bonds company. If the suspect fails to turn up to the court, the bail bond company will confiscate the property in return of the money lost in court.

The money of the bail is given by the bail bonds company on behalf of the suspected convict to the court to releases him or her from the prison during the time the court trials are undergoing. The bail bonds company imposes a charge of 10 to 15 percent of the bail bonds amount as the fee for the service but this amount depends on the state or country where the case is undergoing.

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Advantages Of Paying Through Bail Bonds

  • Most bail bonds companies have good connection in the courts and hence if a suspected convict is arrested and put behind bars good bail bonds companies have the capability to have the person released within a few hours. There are many established bail bonds companies that are open 24 hours and seven days a week to help clients in times of such emergencies.

It must be remembered that bail bonds has no connection regarding whether the suspected convict is actually innocent or guilty. The bond has no mention about such issues at all neither it is a concern for the bail bonds company as well.

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