Be Well Prepared Before The First Meeting With Your Divorce Lawyer

In general terms, divorce pretty much refers to the breakdown of marriage with legal acceptance.  Some of the issues which could pop up in the divorce process are alimony, custody of your child, property distribution etc. In almost all the countries, meeting a divorce lawyer has become a common practice; no matter which country you belong to, couples are constantly seeking the help of renowned divorce lawyers to go their separate ways. The first meeting with the lawyer is extremely important and before planning to meet him/her, you need to prepare yourself well to make the most of the meeting.

Pitfalls when you are not prepared for the meeting:

  • It will be difficult for the lawyer to understand your case due to which he will take a longer time to get the work done.
  •  As lawyers bill you by the hour, it’s better to be a bit organized in your thoughts and needs.

Details about you and your case:

  • It’s really important for the lawyer to know your background along with other financial details before moving ahead with the case.
  • The lawyer will like to know details about you and your family along with the contact details on which you can be reached.
  • The lawyer will also like to know the situation or the scenarios which you are facing in your life due to which you wish to seek divorce.
  • Last but not the least, it’s highly recommended to carry your documents with you to the meeting.

Prepare a list of questions:

  • It is always preferred that one should be comfortable sharing his or her information with the lawyer, then only he/she will be able to discuss the case in a more systematic manner.
  • Before the first meeting, pen down your thoughts, needs and requirements. If you’re taking your issues to court, you need to be well prepared with a list of your needs and wants.
  • Apart from the personal questions, you should be well aware of who you’re hiring. Feel free to ask your lawyer some screening questions to understand his experience in handling divorce cases.
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Be completely sure of your decision:

  • While these may be just a few questions, you need to be utterly sure of your decision to pursue legal help in putting an end to your relationship with your partner.
  • Many people have a lot of doubts about their real needs; getting confused at the last minute will not only put you in a vulnerable position, but also expose you to the technicalities of the legal proceedings.

Appropriate answers to lawyer’s questions:

  • Many lawyers generally prepare the questions which they want to ask the client before taking on the case.
  • As a client, you need to have well prepared answers for all the possible questions which may arise given the nature of the case.
  • The information you provide should be correct to the best of your knowledge.
  • Give the lawyers enough time to assimilate your responses to the questions.
  • If possible, make sure you ask the lawyer to give you a list of the questions which you can in turn answer and send across before the first meeting.

This guest post is written by Chris Morris. He is a law student who enjoys blogging. He says that Boston divorce attorneys are second to none in knowledge and skill.

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