Benefits of Hiring a Disability Lawyer

It’s a fact that a claimant with a lawyer specialized in disability law is more likely to win their case than a claimant that does not have a lawyer. Below is a list of reasons why you will benefit from hiring a disability insurance lawyer.

When you hire a lawyer to speak for you in front of the Social Security Administration you can avoid a lot of the irritation of filling out forms and documents, worrying about what information you need to include, and when/where you need to provide it. For most claimants, the initial paperwork is confusing. The application and disability appeals form are difficult to understand and the number of documents that the Social Security Administration needs can be overwhelming. The rules to applying for benefits are hard to understand and many people who apply on their own eventually become discouraged and stop replying to the Administration’s never ending requests for more documents even though their claim is real and are eligible to receive benefits. Your lawyer will help make sure that all of your paperwork is completed and filed correctly, and most importantly, on time.

A lawyer will know what the Social Security Administration is looking for. Majority of disability claims are won based on the medical records that are provided. The Administration wants information that can be helpful in understanding the claimant’s capabilities and the degree of their injury or illness. Also, while a decent lawyer would never deceive the judge, the same facts can be presented in a positive, or not so positive, manner.

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During the hearing part of the claim process your lawyer will display your case before a judge. Although the judge probably won’t know much about you, they will most likely be very familiar with your lawyer. The judge will know whether or not your lawyer has a history of integrity and reliability, or if they’re known for being untruthful and unreliable. If your lawyer is trustworthy, the judge may give their claims and suggestions more merit while making their decision on your case.

Claims that are filed by a lawyer are also more likely to be free from common mistakes. Someone who works with claim forms every day is a lot more familiar with the information that is needed than someone who has never seen these forms before.

When you hire a qualified and competent lawyer, you can relax knowing that your claim will be handled properly and efficiently. Your lawyer will do everything in their power to see that people who deserve disability payments get their income and any back pay owed to them.

Ultimately, the number one reason to hire a disability insurance lawyer is because Social Security Administration statistics reveal that claims presented by a lawyer have a higher chance of being approved than claim that is filed directly by the claimant.

Alyx Braze is an author who specializes in insurance litigation for disability insurance lawyers and has a passion for insurance law.

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