Benefits Of Outsourcing Your Medical Claims And Billing

Who wants to go through and try to figure out what the health insurance company means when they send you a bill? After being in the hospital for emergency surgery, or sixty days in drug or alcohol treatment, or even just a routine check up, who wants to have to determine what amount of this giant bill should I really be responsible for paying? My doctor or therapist recommended the procedure or treatment I had, so why am I stuck with paying more than I thought it would cost?

Medical Billing Issues

And what about when the bill is wrong? Or the claim you filed that was done as the insurance company requested, and which took a lot of time to complete, is being denied? Why won’t the insurance company pay for the service they said they covered?

If you are frustrated with medical or mental health care claims and bills, you should know that there is a way to delegate all of that responsibility to someone else. You can outsource your medical claims and billing. There are companies that will do all of that work for you.

Benefits Of Outsourcing

The benefits of outsourcing your medical claims and billing? Well first of all, the stress and time these issues can cause is not worth it. Individuals, private practice physicians, urgent care centers, hospitals, emergency rooms, mental health treatment facilities, drug and alcohol rehab centers, and other types of medical and mental health treatment facilities run much more effectively with the assistance of a third-party company with which they outsource their medical claims and billing. And, the places that do not outsource their medical claims and bills are they ones that are causing you to receive an erroneous bill, or a denied claim.

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When you hire a third-party company to handle your medical claims and bills, the agency houses trained medical billing specialists who are trained to find errors in a bill, to investigate the medical codes used to determine billing, to figure out why your medical or mental health care claim was denied by your health insurance company, and how to remedy all of those situations.

In addition to saving you time and stress, another benefit of outsourcing your medical claims and billing is that it saves you real money. Opportunity cost is the intangible cost of losing out on one activity (and potential profit from said activity) because you chose to do another activity. In the world of medical claims and billing, the opportunity cost of handling your own medical billing and medical claims is that you may miss out on treating clients effectively, you may spend time trying to figure out why a claim was denied when you could be working on something else or spending time with loved one.

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