Better Software, Better Employees

Business intelligence software can take your business to the next level. From customer service tracking to project management software, packages like IBM Cognos Insight offer up-to-the-minute analytics and user-friendly interfaces. Easy-to-read reports accessible via your favorite formats make it possible for everyone in your organization to stay informed and work together.

Customer Service Software

We all know that keeping customers is less expensive than gaining new ones. That’s why customer service software is critical. Close monitoring of customer service contacts can help you give your customers exactly what they want. Track average call handle and hold times, as well as daily call volume.

Discover call patterns and ferret out the most common reasons for customer calls. Determine clients’ levels of satisfaction with the service they receive after contacting your company. In addition to improving customer service, this information can be used to evaluate employees and reward top performers.

Personal Analytics

Business intelligence software can make valuable information easily accessible to individual employees company-wide. From personal files to databases, imported raw data in various formats can be analyzed and read via a custom dashboard within a minute’s time.

Create tailor-made applications and dashboards so your employees can access data in a way that best suits your business. View data on multidimensional charts and graphs by dragging and dropping files onto your workspace. Share data with groups or across your organization by email, server or file sharing.

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Offer insight using one of a number of interfaces, from the web or Microsoft Excel to an Apple iPad. Use Cognos Insight individually on your own desktop or as part of an Enterprise or Express deployment. Keeping things simple encourages timely interaction and collaboration among busy employees.

Project Management Software

Nothing promotes collaboration like well-conceived project management software. Enable employees to complete individual tasks and share their work instantaneously with the group. Seamless project management is a snap when everyone has easy access to timelines; instant status updates and file sharing.

Great software means project managers have less on their plates as well. Establishing start and completion dates, delegating tasks and sharing updated to-do lists via project management software reduces the number of emails and meetings required to complete a project.

Business Intelligence Software for Improved Efficiency

IBM Cognos Insight can help you create a more efficient workplace. Customer service software allows your business to keep customers happy and evaluate the effectiveness of their contact with your team.

Customized analytics enable employees to access essential data in a way that best fits your company’s needs, while project management software keeps everyone in the loop. Together, these functions help you make your business the best it can be.

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