Choosing Representation After a Serious Auto Accident

Regardless of how safely anyone drives or what precautions they take, many people find themselves in an unfortunate car accident. When this happens, aside from immediate medical care, the most important thing that people should do is to seek the counsel of an experienced and competent car accident attorney. However, this can be a daunting task.

 Reasons to Hire a Car Accident Lawyer

What quite a few people don’t know is that insurance companies are not on their side. In fact, insurance companies are determined to look for ways to minimize their liability. This means that they will pay out only what they believe they are required to pay out. That is just one reason why it is so important to hire a lawyer to ensure that all damages, medical costs, pain and suffering and wage loss is covered. Additionally, depending upon injuries, medical care and expenses could be much more extensive than anticipated.

 Tips on Making the Right Choice

Below are some issues to consider when searching for legal representation after a vehicle accident.

  1. Seek Practice Area

Lawyers, like doctors, deal with a variety of specialties. Therefore, it is important to find a lawyer who understands how to deal with insurance companies and what the claims and legal processes are after a vehicle accident. Personal references are a valid way to find a good lawyer. However, ensure that they have experience with car accidents.

  1. Get a Referral

If there is a lawyer that you or a friend trusts but who is not familiar with handling car accidents, contact them to get a referral if possible. Many lawyers network and refer business to each other.

  1. Do your Homework

Interview several lawyers before making a decision upon who can represent your case in the best way possible. Pay attention to how well you can communicate with the lawyer. A good rapport is essential in order to ensure that your case will be handled well.

  1. Ask About ‘No Win’ Policy

Look for car accident lawyers who work on a contingency basis. This means that they will only get paid if the lawsuit is won. This is very important, because otherwise legal fees will most likely mount up so that they are nearly impossible for the average person to pay. For car accidents, it is the usual process that the lawyer works on this basis, whether it’s an accident lawyer in Manhattan or San Francisco. Typically, lawyers receive around 33 percent of what is won in the claim.

  1. Do Face time
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After a phone discussion with each lawyer, arrange to meet them in person. Discuss your situation and find out what he or she believes can be done about your case. It is better to meet face to face than simply talk on the phone.

  1. Go With The Gut

Use instincts and determine if you will be able to work with the lawyer. Do not hesitate to interview others since it is important to work with an experienced car accident lawyer who you feel is competent and trustworthy.

No one wants to find it necessary to engage the services of a car accident lawyer. However, anyone who has been in a car accident needs to understand that the legal system is not designed for non-lawyers to navigate. Neither is the insurance claims process, which is actually designed to confuse and diminish claims as much as possible.

A knowledgeable car accident lawyer will ensure that their clients have the same level of representation that insurance firms and other parties to the accident will have. This is the only way to ensure that compensation is received for all damages, costs and pain and suffering.

Author and long-time city motorist, Molly Pearce writes to raise awareness of how crucial having the right representation can be after an auto accident. For New York drivers, an accident lawyer in Manhattan will be experienced in handling a variety of motor vehicle accident cases with a proven record of success. Legitimate representation will normally have a standard ‘no win’ policy and provide free consultations to those seeking advice after a serious wreck.

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