Construction Jobs on the Rise

While the housing industry suffered a massive blow within the recent years, there is cause for hope. According to the Associated General Contractors of America’s June report, there are twenty states wherein construction jobs are steadily rising.  While this may be a far-cry from the period of growth and increased productivity that the industry once enjoyed, it’s certainly uplifting especially for those who were hit hard during the early stages of the recession.

According to this report, the states which offered the most number of construction jobs are Montana with 15.2 percent followed by Wyoming with 13.7 percent. On the other hand, the states which aren’t doing so well and are found on the opposite end of the spectrum include Alaska with job losses amounting to 20 percent and Wisconsin at 10.6 percent.

There are three main reasons for why there is a modest boom in the number of construction jobs in the aforementioned states. First off, these states posed low vacancy rates which spurred the development of apartment complexes. Secondly, the ease of which natural gasses are extracted has likewise motivated this increase in jobs. Finally, with the manufacturing industry on a rebound, construction of new facilities is estimated to rise. While it’s still too early to know for sure if these developments are here to stay and if the trend will stick around long enough for benefits to trickle down to the average carpenters, this report is giving Americans hope that good times are not too far ahead.

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Just in case you’re wondering on what kind of construction jobs are expected to be on the rise, here is a short list:

Carpenters. This is especially the case with increased number of apartment complexes being developed. Since these trained individuals are the ones who are responsible for everything from making the framing to installing door jambs, you can expect a rise in the demand for carpenters.

Millwork. Since this trade is relied upon to supply things like doors and window casings, you really cannot expect to finish a simple apartment without the help of these guys.

Electricians. Because a house would never be complete without working electrical outlets, jobs for electricians are expected to rise. However, in the case of apartment complexes, electricians who are experts on hooking multi-family electrical wirings have the edge above others. Commercial electricians are also needed in the construction of manufacturing facilities wherein powering HVAC systems is part of the job description.

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