Cut your Bills with these Energy-Saving Tips

Everybody knows that by not switching off lights and fans when not in use, extra electrical units are consumed, which then translates into a bigger energy bill for you. But there are ways of lowering your bills, if you and your family can just be a little disciplined. Here are some proven ways to getting this done:

What are your family’s energy needs? What must you use each day and for how long? Go around your whole house or apartment and find out what you need to use each day and for how long. Make a list of them—TV, fridge, laptop, washing machine, dishwasher, etc. Once you have this list down, check how much you can reduce the usage on each device. That will bring in substantial savings on your energy bills.

Use doors, skylights and windows: These entrances to your home are instrumental in your saving valuable energy. The energy-efficient parts of doors, windows and skylights are called fenestration. They contribute to keeping the rooms cooled, heated and lit adequately, and reduce your overall energy bills.

Insulate your home: Most of the heat that is provided to your house escapes through un-insulated roofs and walls.

Buy energy-efficient home appliances: These aren’t necessarily more expensive than the conventional ones. You save by using these because they use less energy, so ultimately your energy bill is lowered.

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Use the appliances that you need: If you are in a part of your house that does not need much light, it’s better to have a bulb there than a tube light.

Switch off electrical devices when not using them: If you’re not using a certain light, computer or electrical device like the TV or air conditioner, switch it off until you’re ready to use it again. If you’ve put some appliances on standby, switch them off immediately.

Boil only as much water as you need: Also, cover your pans while cooking as they cook much faster and save valuable energy.

Use solar lighting: Use solar lighting in the driveway, patio and the garden and along the perimeter of your house. They will switch on automatically the moment it turns dark.

Use a washing machine or dishwasher at full capacity: If you do this, you will not need to use it much. The moment you lower the usage of these appliances, you reduce your overall energy bill.

Reduce your central heating: Turn down the central heating of your home and save 10% of your current electrical bill. In fact, keep it switched off when you leave home.

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