Decision Time For Graduating Law Students

Law students up and down the country are coming to really important part of their academic and professional careers. A lot of final students are currently go through the unique experience of their final exams, while those in their penultimate year are at an equally important stage – the stage when they can put themselves in a commanding position with a relation to next year and start to consider their future options.

A law degree is an impressive thing to have. It adds a lot to the CV even if you aren’t planning on a career in law. May is obviously a time when students start to think about what they are going to do when they get their degrees and law students generally have to think ahead a little bit more than others.

Where next?

So what can you do with your law degree? Well, the first choice students need to make is whether they are going to stay on after the undergrad degree is complete in order to do the LPC course. This is the course that new lawyers need to complete if they intend to actually practice law.

Law graduates who are keen on getting a job within the legal industry need to complete this year, but it is up to them if they go straight into it or put it off for a year or two. It all depends on how soon they feel like getting into a career. The best advice for students at this stage is to assess whether they feel they are up to another year of full-time education or whether they need a break first.

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Now or later?

The advantage of going straight into it is that all that legal information is fresh in the mind and once the LPC course has been completed there will be another chance to take a break from academia.

The advantage to putting the LPC course off is that gives you the time to really make your mind up whether a career in law is for you or whether you need more experiences before you come to a decision.

Of course, this is a big decision. Law is a competitive industry and graduates need to be sure they know what they are getting into, otherwise they can waste time and money on something that isn’t for them.

Your career starts here

People who are completely sure can start looking for graduate opportunities with firms straight away. It is always worth attending networking events paid for by law firms at universities because they represent such a fantastic opportunity to get ahead. Recruitment fairs are also well worth the effort.

The important thing here is getting into the mind-set that your career starts here, not on the first day of your first job. Your law career begins when you are still at university trying to get good enough grades to put you in a great position for your final year and then you need to keep it up through that final year and through your LPC.

If you can demonstrate that you’ve been thinking this way for the past few years by getting great marks and by networking then you’ll stand out as a great candidate.

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