Digital Smart Pens: Note Taking Just Got Cool, Well Kind Of

You are down with technology and have been going around town bumping your contacts. All you need now is to get your hands on one of the latest digital smart pens. Then, you will really be the modern lawyer.

With infrared cameras, built-in speakers, and mics, these smart pens make note taking almost fun. All you need to do is write with the stylish gadget and hit record. When you are done, simply export the file as a PDF, audio, or pencast (hybrid). If you want to play the pencast on your iPad, iPhone, or iTouch, well there are apps for that of course. And, no need to worry about privilege or privacy violations, as most of the smart pens have the ability to name and password protect them.

Although I was convinced that the digital pen was invented by an attorney who hated taking deposition notes, as it turns out, it is a Swedish tech company who holds the credit. Thankfully, these smart pens can make the life of every attorney easier. Don’t you just love technology?!

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