Don’t Do These 3 Things When Driving In New York

Traveling to New York for business purposes has been taking place for over 300 years. As a central place for domestic and international trade, New York is visited more for business purposes than any other area in the country.

When visiting New York, especially New York City, many people will find that the traffic and the traffic laws are different than any other area. Strict traffic laws are crucial to this busy metropolitan area because of the sheer volume of vehicle and pedestrian traffic that is there around the clock.

If you are visiting New York, it is important that you understand these three traffic laws. These three laws account for a majority of all tickets received in New York and are only second to parking violations.

Three Must Know Driving Laws In New York

1. Hands Free Device Laws. There is absolutely no exception to this law. If you use a cell phone in your vehicle, it must be a hands-free device. You can have your phone mounted to the dash and use speaker phone, you can route it through your radio system, you can even use an ear device, it does not matter, just as long as you are not holding the device while driving. If you are caught using a cell phone in your hand while driving you will be ticketed on the spot.

  1. No Turn On Red.Unlike most other areas of the country that allow a turn on red after a complete stop, New York City prohibits right turns on a red light unless specifically indicated at that intersection. The intersections that allow this are few and far in between. Most visitors turn on red automatically because they are accustomed to doing so at home. Turning on a red light is a guaranteed way to receive a ticket and possibly cause an accident in New York.
  2. Texting Is Forbidden.Some people believe that they can still use their cell phones to send and receive text messages while they are driving because it is not technically talking on the phone. New York has enacted a specific law against texting and driving and it is strictly enforced. This law falls under distracted driving issues and can lead to a very large fine if caught. If an accident occurs, you may face more severe charges than just texting while driving.

    One Last Thing to Remember

    One of the most important things to remember when driving in New York is that there is a significant amount of pedestrian traffic at all times. People who reside in New York are more prone to using public transportation and walking to their final destination. There will always be a large amount of pedestrians at intersections, and in most cases they will always have the right-of-way.

    Bicycle traffic is also very prominent in the city. The use of bicycle couriers is very popular because it enables businesses to move documents and packages quickly through the traffic. Always keep an eye open for bicycles while traveling in this area.

Teresa Stewart is a freelance writer who frequently researches car accidents and driving laws. By searching the website of New York car accident lawyer The Perecman firm,, she was able to find valuable research for this article.

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